Photo ID not required to vote in 2012 election

info@islandpacket.comOctober 31, 2012 

You do not need a photo ID to vote in 2012 if you have your voter registration card.

The federal court's decision to approve South Carolina's voter photo ID requirement for elections beginning next year is a disappointment. The court's admonition -- and South Carolina's agreement -- to be liberal in interpreting when a voter can cast a provisional ballot without a requisite photo is small consolation.

In South Carolina this election cycle, we have seen cases of registrars asking for a person's photo ID during in-person absentee voting, despite what the law says. We have also seen individuals giving false information to African-American voters, stating that they cannot vote a straight Democratic Party ticket because then they will not be voting for President Barack Obama.

With these examples, why should anyone believe that South Carolia will provide a liberal interpretation of the voter photo ID law? Perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court will ensure equity across the states, but don't hold your breath.

The Beaufort County Democratic Party will work night and day next year to make sure everyone in our county has the required photo ID so that those who would continue to try to disenfranchise minorities, the elderly, the young and the disabled will not succeed. To all voters we say: Do not be intimidated at the polls.

Blaine Lotz, chairman

Beaufort County

Democratic Party

Hilton Head Island

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