Make sure your vote is an informed vote

info@islandpacket.comOctober 30, 2012 

We're near the end of 2012 presidential campaign, and we will either elect a man who will bring the country back to greatness, or we will re-elect a man who will continue his transformation of America.

Do you know what the difference will be? If you don't, you will not be making an intelligent choice for president. This election will be the most important of our lives because we will either return to the values that made America great or be transformed into a carbon copy of European countries, such as Greece. Those European countries were great at one time, but their socialist values and beliefs have destroyed their greatness. Americans still have a choice, but time is quickly running out.

President Barack Obama wasn't vetted in 2008, but we now have many books and magazine articles about him. And there are movies, such as "2016: Obama's America." Do you know which candidate will decrease the power of the Border Patrol and the military, become regulation-crazy, and increase taxes and the country's debt? If that's what you want, then Obama is your guy. Otherwise, vote for the other guy. Remember, unbiased books, newspapers and magazines will keep you better informed and able to make an intelligent decision regarding your vote.

Delores Koziel


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