7 charged in 33 Beaufort robberies

October 28, 2012 

A small number of suspects are believed to be responsible for a high number of burglaries and thefts in and around the city of Beaufort during the past three months.

Seven suspects have been charged with 33 counts of burglary and petty larceny since late August. The charges stem from crimes in Mossy Oaks, the Northwest Quadrant, Cottage Farms Drive, Shell Point and other neighborhoods. Investigators from the Beaufort Police Department and Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office believe the suspects are involved in crimes in both incorporated and unincorporated areas of northern Beaufort County.

Lindsey Jones, 20, of Beaufort was arrested Sept. 27 and has been charged with:

• Three counts of misdemeanor petit larceny.

• Five counts of misdemeanor third-degree burglary.

• Six counts of felony second-degree burglary.

• One count of felony grand larceny.

• One count of misdemeanor obtaining goods under false pretenses.

Jones was arrested after a Port Royal pawn shop employee became suspicious about her frequent visits and called police. Jones is accused of stealing lawn equipment and tools from unlocked sheds and breaking into homes and stealing jewelry or other items.

Jones’ bail was set at $60,000, according to the jail log. She could face additional charges, according to Beaufort Police investigator George Erdel.

Though Jones is believed to have worked alone, Erdel said two juvenile boys also hit one of the same areas off Ribaut Road — one unlucky homeowner in that neighborhood was burgled twice by Jones and the boys within a week.

The boys, both 16 years old, were arrested Sept. 1 after a surveillance camera recorded them apparently trying to steal a Beaufort firefighter’s car. The Beaufort Police Department has said the boys also were linked to daytime burglaries on Heyward Street and Burroughs and Meritta avenues. Each has been charged as juveniles with three counts of felony second-degree burglary, Erdel said.

Another pair of suspects is believed to have worked together, but are charged with committing crimes individually, too.

Devona Brown, 18, was arrested Sept. 25 and accused of jewelry thefts in Shell Point and Mossy Oaks. She stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry, according to Sheriff’s Office reports and Beaufort Police investigators.

Like Jones, Brown was arrested after paperwork from a local pawn shop connected her to several stolen items, according to Erdel. Some stolen items Brown allegedly sold at The Jeweler’s Bench on Carteret Street were recovered, but others were melted down.

The jewelry store’s owner, David Kinard, was given five citations and accused of violating the city’s precious-metals permit rules. He has a court date Nov. 8 in a Beaufort Municipal Court.

Investigators believe Brown’s boyfriend, Dallas O’Hara, 18, might have worked with her in some of the thefts. O’Hara was arrested the same day as Brown and charged with armed robbery and possession of a weapon during a robbery Sept. 16 at Emily’s Restaurant on Beaufort’s Port Republic Street. He since been charged with burglary, driving under suspension and criminal conspiracy in separate crimes.

Brown’s bail was set at $157,000 and O’Hara’s at $330,800. Both remain in the Beaufort County Detention Center.

Two other burglary suspects face two charges each for taking items worth tens of thousands of dollars, according to Beaufort Police.

Agostinho Creveiro, 26, of Yemassee faces three counts of felony second-degree burglary for allegedly stealing more than $50,000 in jewelry and flatware. He was arrested Sept. 27, and remained in jail as of Saturday night after his bail was set at $45,000.

Gregory Boykin, 21, is charged with robbing the same Battery Point house twice. Boykin lives just down the street from the victim, and police believe he stole and attempted to pawn more than $25,000 worth of silverware. He was arrested Oct. 15, and his bail was set at $20,000, which he had not posted as of Saturday night.

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