Ill-tempered motorists drive tourists away

info@islandpacket.comOctober 25, 2012 

We just returned to Illinois from a week-long vacation on Hilton Head Island.

You folks have a problem and that problem will prevent us from ever making the mistake of a Hilton Head vacation in the future. I can't count the number of times we were rudely treated while simply trying to navigate around your island.

I am not the fastest driver in the world, and I do obey traffic laws as best I am able, especially when traveling. While driving on U.S. 278 where the speed limit is 45 mph in most places, we regularly got passed like we were standing still, and when slowing to try to locate a particular road or business, we were honked at, flipped the bird, and almost run into from behind on numerous occasions. There was obviously no police enforcement of speed limits anywhere we could see.

You are a tourist town, and I would think your collective livelihood depends upon people like us coming and leaving vast amounts of cash in your resorts, restaurants and other businesses. To be constantly treated like unwelcome outsiders who just clog your roads and get in your way makes me think you really don't care if we ever come back.

Well, you've succeeded. Next time, we will find far friendlier and hospitable vacation locations. Good luck to you, and I hope now that we're gone you can get where you're going faster.

Steve Derebey

Roscoe, Ill.

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