Debate 'analysis' far too one-sided

info@islandpacket.comOctober 24, 2012 

I found the "analysis" of the vice presidential debate by McClatchy Newspapers to be nothing more than a repeat of Democratic talking points.

It started out under the pretense of fairness by stating, "Biden and Ryan made statements or observations that weren't factual." But then it said nothing further about misstatements from Biden.

One of Biden's biggest misrepresentations was in stating that the intelligence community was the reason for not labeling the Libyan attack as a terrorist attack. That statement was contrary to sworn testimony from the State Department in Congress the day before.

Also, Biden said that the $700 billion being taken from Medicare was being put back in to Medicare. Does that even make sense?

On a lighter point, your "analysts" could have challenged Biden's statement that he means everything he says. If that's true, then did he really mean in an earlier speech that the Republicans would put African-Americans back in chains?

The points raised by the analysis about Ryan were actually Democratic talking points. If you take more than $700 billion out of Medicare and Medicare Advantage, that will affect seniors' health care. Ryan was correct on that. Or if you have a panel of experts set up to define what medical care will or won't be provided, that too will affect seniors' health care. Again, Ryan was correct.

The Island Packet should be ashamed for publishing this one-sided "analysis."

Jim Smith

Sun City Hilton Head

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