Women are focused on the relevant issues

info@islandpacket.comOctober 24, 2012 

It is incredible that the rhetoric in the 1st Congressional District campaign has focused on waging a "war on women, the elderly and veterans." It is even harder to believe that Rep. Tim Scott's opponent bases her appeal for election on the fact that women are unrepresented and should be in Congress because only a woman can understand the issues that affect other women, the elderly and veterans.

Candidates should be elected based on their qualifications, experience and character. Gender is not one of those qualifications. Women recognize that all issues are important for our country's future. Out of control spending, a $16 trillion debt, a high unemployment rate, escalating gas prices, food costs and an embarrassing decline of respect for America across the world are relevant for all American women.

Scott continues to shows a strong commitment to address these issues. Growing up in a single family home and knowing what it is to struggle every day is never far from his mind. His mother worked long hours and is his hero. He joined the women's caucus when he served in the S.C. House to ensure issues such as education and health were addressed.

Sarcastic remarks and false characterizations by his opponent do a great disservice to the people of this district. For the record, we women will not be fooled by such rhetoric.

Barbara Stock Nielsen

Former state superintendent

Hilton Head Island

State Rep. Shannon Erickson


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