Vote 'yes' to do away with electing treasurer

info@islandpacket.comOctober 23, 2012 

I disagree with the letter writer who advocates continued election of the Beaufort County treasurer.

The writer accurately points out the scandal and incompetence that was pervasive in the Treasurer's Office during the multiple terms of the previous treasurer. It seems to me that experience is precisely why the treasurer should not be an elected position. An incompetent treasurer, if elected, can only be removed at a succeeding election by an electorate poorly qualified to evaluate the credentials of individuals seeking the position.

The treasurer's post is a technical one, requiring expertise in financial management. It is not a policy-making post, and the treasurer should be selected and overseen by the county government staff who can evaluate the qualifications of applicants and who can remove the office holder if he or she should prove to be incompetent.

I am one of those who collected petition signatures to get Doug Henderson on the ballot in 2010 to run against the incumbent, who had run unopposed over the years and who was poised to do so again in 2010. It is gratifying to see that Doug has vastly improved the operation of the treasurer's office since he has become treasurer. Thank you, Doug.

Let's insure that we continue to have a competent county treasurer, one with the expertise and experience needed in a position that is so critical to providing efficient government services in Beaufort County. Never again should county treasurer be an elected post.

I will vote "yes" in the upcoming referendum.

John W. Kiebler

Hilton Head Island

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