Taking campaign signs not helping your cause

info@islandpacket.comOctober 18, 2012 

Several weeks ago, the Beaufort County Republicans began to put out some Romney/Ryan roadside signs. A large number of the signs have been pulled up and removed.

We do not know who is doing this. We have checked with Beaufort and Bluffton officials, and they report they have not removed them. The signs have been placed in accordance with county and state regulations. Again, we're not sure who is doing this, but if you think it will help you win the elections, think again.

Is this the Democratic-Obama-Chicago way you think you can win in Beaufort County? We conservatives hope the thinking voting citizens of Beaufort County take the high road in this election. Stealing roadside signs may seen like a small item in the election, but all the many small things add up to a big thing. Think about it.

Lou Herzog

Sun City Hilton Head

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