Obama can't afford to run on his own record

info@islandpacket.comOctober 16, 2012 

The folks on Sesame Street aren't happy with the Obama campaign. It is typical and predictable of President Barack Obama and his campaign. He could not counter the acid test for spending proposed by Mitt Romney, so he tries to slander candidate Romney.

His campaign continues to use strategies that are below the office of the presidency. Not only do the demands of keeping his job take him away from performing his job, but those around him also seem to wreak of shady politics.

On the job performance front, Obama would rather stay mute. The only distinction larger than the increase in the deficit is the record-breaking number of presidential executive orders he has used to bypass the other branches of government when he cannot get his way. He should try meeting with the Congress and proposing bills; getting a budget passed (none in four years); attending presidential security briefings; meeting with his self-appointed jobs council; and discussing the threats around the world with our allies. No, he is far too busy campaigning.

You should think about how another four years of Obama can rectify a situation that is now worse than the insurmountable obstacle he says he inherited. We now have higher unemployment, more debt, out-of-control spending, world crisis threatening Americans around the world, out-of-control illegal immigration and an administration that sues state governments more often than any other in history. Please consider the last four years when you vote Nov. 6.

Pete Ungaro

Hilton Head Island

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