Paying providers less doesn't make sense

info@islandpacket.comOctober 12, 2012 

I was astounded when I read a recent letter on Medicare. The writer states, "The Medicare trust fund will pay less to providers because the providers will get more patients."

Is she kidding? The doctors can only see more patients if they cut the time they spend with each one. That or start working 24 hours a day. If they had so much spare time, we wouldn't have to wait for weeks for an appointment. The doctors payments are already cut to the point where they are now either forced to cut the time spent with each patient, or in many cases, refusing to take any more Medicare patients.

This is like the old line used by large corporations, "You should make it for a dime and sell it to us for a nickel and make it up in volume." Also, those enchanted with Obamacare should study the bill and see all of the pork in it having nothing to do with medical care. If this was such a good deal, why did the president have to bribe legislators to vote for it?

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Congress should pass the bill and then find out what is in it. Now we are finding what is in it, and it's not all good.

Chuck Fullmer

Sun City Hilton Head

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