Recreation Results, Sept. 30

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Bear Creek

Results of Men's day held Sept. 26; Format: One Best; 1. (tie) Dan Putbrese, Bill Seiple, Garry Cuoco, Lee Ozley, Ben Swanson, Richard DeKany, Jerry Hilger.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of tournament held Sept. 26; 1. Barbara vonBremen, 2. Ruth Larson, 3. Susan Lee; Closest to the Pin -- Ruth Larson.

Dolphin Head

Results of Ladies tournament held Sept. 26; Format: Ryder Cup; 1. (tie) Anne Reed, Chris Flanagan, Gini Baier, Lind Schrader; 3. Nancy Sylvia, Denise Drainville.

Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Men's day held Sept. 19; Format: 1 best ball of 2; 1. Bill Fitzpatrick, John Costanzo; 2. Tom Youngh, Jack Conlon; 3. Wayne Saunders, Keith Sale; 4. Marv Lich, Art LeBlanc; 5. Frank Raiti, Tom Fitzgerald; 6. Vinny DiCanio, Larry Schmidt; 7. Henry Butcher, Moses Grant; Closest to the Pin -- Gene Cook, John Bauman, Tom Fitzgerald, Moses Grant.

Results of Men's day held Sept. 26; Format: 2 best ball of 4; 1. Chuck Helton, Howard Madsen, Bill Fitzpatrick, Rick Hayward; 2. Marv Lich, Gary Ghent, Phil Moore, Ron Raih; 3. Hub Green, John Welty, Tom Young, Andrew Onda; 4. Dick Hanson, Vic Manuele, Keith Sale, Tom Briley; Closest to the Pin -- Marv Lich, Jim Hirsch, Gary Ghent, Greg Gillen.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association held Sept. 20; Format: Two Man Team One Best Net; 1. Tom Glans, Jack Shaffer; 2. Larry Beckish, Joe McNall; 3. Mike Sinisko, John Sheppard; Closest to the Pin -- Larry Beckish, Mike Sinisko.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day held Sept. 25; Format: Net Better Ball of Partners; Flight 1 -- 1. (tie) R. Bates, R. Piccioni, D. Heney, P. Kruzelock; Flight 2 -- 1. T. Patnaude, G. Grindrod; 2. B. Pearson, S. Doran; Flight 3 -- 1. E. Everett.

Okatie Creek

Results of WGA 18 Hole League tournament held Sept. 20; Format: N.O.S.E. 1/2 Handicap; Flight 1 - 1. Donna Rosehart 2. (tie) Bobbie Callaway, Anne Bendiske; Flight 2 - 1. Sheila Divvens 2. (tie) Julie Ruske, Linda Anderson; 4. Harriet Schwartz Flight 3 - 1. (tie) Caroline Reneau, Barbara Welsh; 3. Pris Jones, 4. Diane Foster; Flight 4 - 1. Sally Serrago, 2. Sandy Antonacio.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held Sept. 25; Format: Old Pal- Two Week Tournament; Low Gross -- Kathy LaBonte; Closest to the Pin -- June Somers, Laura Hrubi, Camille DeJianne, Becky Cederholm; Birdies -- Evie Richardson, Kathy Labonte, Marilyn Zeleznik.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held Sept. 18; Format: Best Ball of A&D + B&C; 1. Mike Danyi, Jerry Hankins, Nick Stamos, Len Marino; 2. Ernie Hannin, Dick Timcoe, George Edell, Ed Varcho; Low Net -- Nick Stamos; Closest to the Pin -- Mike Danyi.

Results of LGA Ladies Day held Sept. 19; Format: 2 Best Balls of 3; 1. Eleanor Schlatter, Jane Phipps, Pat Hannin; Closest to the Pin -- Anne Quigley.

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held Sept. 22; Format: Two Man Scramble; 1. Bill Shipe, Greg Vavoso; 2. Mike Danyi, George Kelly; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Shipe.

Results of LGA Ladies' day held Sept. 22; Format: Best 12 Holes; 1. Terry Boyer; 2. Eleanor Schlatter; 3. Jane Gurganus; Closest to the Pin -- Terry Boyer.

Results of MGA Men's Day held Sept. 25; Format: Skins game Flighted; Flight 1 -- Jerry Hankins, Mike Danyi, George Kelly, Bill Shipe; Flight 2 -- Bob Williams, Greg Vavoso, John Klinger; 1 Skin -- Ron Stovall, Ed Varcho, Bob Wright; Low Net -- Greg Vavoso; Closest to the Pin -- Greg Vavoso.

Results of tournament held Sept. 26; Format: Beat the Pro; 1. Janet Wright, Mateja Johnson, Eleanor Schlatter; Closest to the Pin -- Mateja Johnson.

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