Recreation Results and Standings, Sept. 26

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Bear Creek

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held Sept. 13; Format: Step-Aside Scramble; 1. Geri Allison, Marilu Lewis, Barbara Burtch, Terry Hicks.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held Sept. 20; Format: Individual Points; Flight A -- Carol Jackson, Terri Ozley; Flight B -- Jane Johnson, Ellen Muhl; Flight C - Peg Breslin, Sheila Rosenbaum.

Results of Sunday Mixed Couples tournament held Sept. 23; Format: 1,2,3 Cha, Cha, Cha; 1. George Gorski-Popiel, Larry Bentley, Judy Kay, Judy Peters; 2. Michael Harter, Jane Joseph, Barbara Slagowitz.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of MGA tournament held Sept. 20; Format: 3-2-1; 1. Bill McCourt, Barry Grote, Dean Hergert, Steve Horvat; 2. Tony Andreano, Mike Kapitula, Ben LaMontagne, Joe McPartland; Closest to the Pin -- Barry Grote, Tom Vater.

Results of Men's day held Sept. 22; Format: 2 better ball of 4; 1. John Winnestaffer, Ron Mather, Jerry Dees, Ed Rainey; 2. Bill McCourt, Keith Rapp, Jim Walczy, Joe Ingarozza; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Mackey, John Winnestaffer.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies nine tournament held Sept. 20; Format: 1 of 3 Shambles; 1. (tie) J. Heyboer, S. O'Connell, E. Himes, M. League, D. Lane, K. Doran.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held Sept. 24 at Rose Hill; Format: 2 better ball of four; 1. Keith Brownlie, Sean Doran, Jerry Hankins, David Watson; 2. Joseph Sommers, John Schafer, William Boyles (blind).

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day tournament held Sept. 21; Format: Individual Nassau; Overall: Bud Arnal, Front 9: Jeff McConnell, Back 9: Larry Sauer; Skins -- Bud Arnal, Jim Benford, Steve Mayconich, Jeff McConnell, George Schluchterer.


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult Combo standings

W5.5 -- Spanish Wells Victorious Secret in first at 6-0; clinched championship

M6.5 -- SCYC Working Stiffs Redux in first at 3-2; clinched championship

W6.5 -- SPCC Seahawks, Wexford Combopolitans, Chaplin Park Hot and Flashy tied in first at 4-2; Seahawks clinch championship on most court wins

M7.5 -- BYSC Average Joes in first at 5-1; clinched championship

W7.5 -- Long Cove Shore Things in first at 7-0; clinched championship

M8.5 -- PRRC BT Express in first at 5-1; clinched championship

W8.5 -- SPCC 8.5 Girls in first at 4-1; clinched championship

Super Senior 60s standings

M3.0 -- Spring Lake Court Jesters, CCHH Take Two tied in first at 2-1

W3.0 -- SPCC White Lightning, Moss Creek Alley-Gators tied in first at 2-0

M3.5 -- Flight 1: Long Cove Lads in first at 3-0; Flight II: Spring Lake Remnants in first at 2-0

W3.5 -- Flight 1: Moss Creek Aces, Wexford Sassy Super Ladies tied in first at 2-0; Flight 2: Spring Lake Lucky Lakers, PRRC Royal Ladies tied in first at 3-0

M4.0 -- Palmetto Dunes Sundowners in first at 4-0

W4.0 -- PD Har-Tru Believers in first at 3-0

M4.5 -- Palmetto Dunes only team entered

W4.5 -- Long Cove Club only team entered

Super Senior 70s standings

M3.0 -- SPCC Hawks in first at 2-0

M3.5 -- Sea Pines CC, Spring Lake Spare Parts tied in first at 2-0

W3.5 -- Spring Lake Stingers in first at 4-0

M4.0 -- Island Retreads in first at 1-0

W4.0 -- Port Royal The Whacketts only team entered

Super Senior 75s standings

M3.5 -- Sea Pines CC Cardinals in first at 2-0

Coastal Carolina Tennis Leagues

Adult Combo Doubles standings

M6.5 -- Beaufort J's in first at 3-2

W6.5 -- TCL I'll Take the Number One, Palmetto Bluff Jewels (PBJs) tied in first at 4-2

W7.5 -- Bluffton Racquets on Fire -- only team entered

M8.5 -- Beaufort Combo 2 in first at 3-0

Super Senior 60s standings

M3.0 -- Sun City Ball Busters in first at 3-0

W3.0 -- Sun City Volley Dolls in first at 3-0

M3.5 -- Sun City Challengers, Sun City 2nd Serves tied in first at 4-1

W3.5 -- Sun City Racquet Rulers in first at 5-0

M4.0 -- Hampton Lakers in first at 5-0

W4.0 -- Spring Island Spring Chix in first at 2-0

Super Senior 70s standings

M3.0 -- Sun City Baseliners only team entered

W3.0 -- Sun City Golden Girls only team entered

M3.5 -- 4 teams tied in first at 2-1

W3.5 -- Sun City Ya Yas in first at 3-0

M4.0 -- Sun City Retreads in first at 4-0

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