Recreation Results and Standings, Sept. 16

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The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Men's Day event held Sept. 12; Format: 2 Best Ball of 4/Nassau; Front 9 -- 1. Howard Madsen, Dick Hanson, Nick Stevens, Jack Conlon; Back 9 -- Bill Stinnett, Chuck Laine, Dick Scott, John Costanzo; Overall -- Bill Stinnett, Chuck Laine, Dick Scott, John Costanzo; CTP -- Frank Raiti, Tim Sutherland, John Kern, Tom Fitzgerald

Results of Ladies Day event held Sept. 11; Format: Best Ball of 4 Net/Shamble; 1. Ruth Sheak, Dotti Neidhardt, Linda Tibey, Juliann Foster; CTP -- Dotti Neidhardt

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association event held Sept. 13; Format: Red, White and Gold; 1. Frank Porter, John Dansby, Jack Shaffer; 2. Mike Sinisko, Tom DeGray, Paul Archer; 3. Larry Beckish, John Marvin, Joe McNall; CTP -- Frank Vasata, John Sheppard, Frank Porter, Mike Sinisko

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies Day event held Sept. 12; Format: 1 of 2 Shambles; Flight 1 -- 1. C. Smith/S. Thompson, 1. S. Cromey/B. Colavito; Flight 2 -- 1. G. Nelson/E. Mott, 1. D. Dunlap/K. Eyet, 1. J. Gibbons/L. Anderson

Results of Ladies Nine event held Sept. 13; Format: Fewest Putts; 1. B. Wilson, 2. K. Myer, 3. (tie) J. Eastman, C. Brennan, S. Kaminski; 6. (tie) E. Himes, P. Coghlan, S. Reiter, M. League, P. Marshall, K. Doran, K. Prechtel

Results of Men's Day event held Sept. 11; Format: 2 of 4 Tournament; Flight 1 -- 1. J. Coghlan, T. Karnas, J. Vogel, J. Jourdan; Flight 2 -- 1. P. Schulz, G. Grindrod, E. Everett, D. Phillips

Okatie Creek

Results of WGA 18 Hole event held Sept. 6; Format: Two Net BB of Four; 1. Anita Tuney, Marci Rotelle, Caroline Reneau, Bee Corcoran; 2. (tie) Hope Dexler, Karen Iamele, Ann Bendiske, Sandy Wright; 2. (tie) Janet Haysom, Dorothy Brown, Erma Morisette, Pat O'Connor; 4. Donna Rosehart, Sandy Tooley, Ann Tullie, Deb McClaim

Palmetto Hall

Results of WGA event held Sept. 11; Tournament Winners -- Ronnie Raddin, Camille DeJianne, Deb Korthase and Laura Hrubi; Low Gross -- June Somers; CTP -- June Somers, Deb Korthase, Laura Hrubi; Birdies -- Ronnie Raddin and Laura Hrubi; Chip-ins -- Joyce West, Kathy LaBonte, Priscilla Loeben, Karen Gentzler

Results of WGA event held Sept. 4 at the Cupp Course; 1. Kathy LaBonte, 2. Verlyn Beck; Low Gross -- Kathy Labonte; CTP -- Kathy LaBonte, Camille DeJianne; Chip-in -- Deb Korthase; Birdies -- Camille DeJianne, Deb Korthase

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day held Sept. 11; Format: Blind Bogy; Flight 1 -- 1. George Kelly, 2. Al Harris, 3. Jay Parks; Flight 2 -- 1. Bob Williams, 2. John Klinger, 3. Greg Vavoso; Low Net -- John Klinger; CTP -- Bob Wright

Results of LGA Ladies' Day event held Sept. 12; Format: Odd Holes; 1. Terry Boyer, 2. Janet Wright, 3. Charlotte Timcoe; CTP -- Alison Reese

Results of MGA Men's Day event held Sept. 8; Format: Bridgeman Best Ball of 4; 1. Frank Pinto, Dick Timcoe, Ed Scott, George Edell; 2. Tom Fox, Tod Powers, Ed Varcho, Bob Williams; Low Net -- Bill Shipe; CTP -- Tod Powers

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of Event 30 held Sept. 10 at Golden Bear Golf Course; Format: 2 BB of 4; 1. Ron Welpott, Howard Keys, Francis Raffaele, Bob Bird; 2. Joe Wieczorek, Kevin Penke, Todd Clist, Roger Penny; 3. Jake Jacobson, Jim Kelly, Gene Helton, Dennis Brennan; CTP -- Walter Cederholm, Keith Brownlie, James O'Brien, Howard Keys


Sun City Softball Club Standings

American League

Elite Therapy 2-0

Katie O'Donald's 2-0

Jocelyn's Hair Studio 1-1

Sigler's 1-1

Coastal Carolina Hospital 0-2

Mark F. Winn, Attorney 0-2

National League

British Open Pub 2-0

Door 2 Door Cleaners 2-0

Covert Air 1-1

Spires Wilder Wealth Mgmt. 1-1

Palmetto Eye Specialist 0-2

Weichert Realtors 0-2

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