What's Her Secret?: Bluffton mom knows importance of volunteering

abredeson@islandpacket.comSeptember 3, 2012 

Bluffton mom Jessie Shriever poses with her three children Liz, 14, Addison, 5, and Matthew, 8, behind her home in Hampton Hall.


  • Name: Jessie Shrieve

    Town: Bluffton

    Strength: Volunteering


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Despite a busy schedule, Bluffton working mom Jessie Shrieve takes the time to volunteer all over town.

Shrieve and her husband, Rob, have three children -- ages 5, 8 and 14.

She helps out at her kids' schools, teaches in the children's program at her church and is on the board for Backpack Buddies, which provides food for students on weekends. She also runs a children's mission camp over the summer.

And she is in the process of launching The Good News Club at Bluffton Elementary School.

Question. It sounds like you spend a lot of time volunteering. Why?

Answer. I have so much fun volunteering. I'd say my biggest downfall is I love to volunteer. And I do have a job, and I do have a family. ... My kids all enjoy it as well. ... My oldest daughter is helping lead worship at LowCountry (Community Church). I mean, all the kids. We'll take them over the summer ... to the Cross Food Bank and help them serve people. ... And all of them when they're done with their clothes, toys, we give them away.

Q. Why is it important to you that you pass volunteerism on to your children?

A. I just think that's important number one because they are our future. It's up to them to make a difference down the road. But also if they can show other children, whether they're 5 or 14, that they can make a difference or help somebody else out, anybody can do it. And if they can share the Gospel just by donating their clothes or toys or serving at the food bank, they can make a difference. We don't force it upon them. They're at the point now where they choose to do that.

Q. You are a working mom. How do you make time to do all this volunteering?

A. I really could not do what I do without my husband's help and support.

Q. Volunteering is obviously your strength. What is something you struggle with?

A. Just finding a good balance. From household work to homework to kids' activities -- probably the same struggles a lot of moms with young children have. And throw in making sure you have time to spend quality time with your family and not always being in a rat race because that's not what it's always about, even though we feel like it.


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