Recreation Results, Sept. 2

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Bear Creek

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held Aug. 23; Format: Blind Partners; 1. Terri Ozley, Peg Breslin; 2. Judy Kay, Jane Johnson; 9 hole players: Ann Carter, Joanne Gray.

Results of Men's day held Aug. 29; Format: One Best; 1. Steve Breen, Dan Putbrese, Dave McCandless, Tom Tomfohrde (blind).

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held Aug. 29; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Ruth Larson, Ruth Schroeder; 2. Joyce Dalton, Bev Holmes; 3. Lauri Van Neil, Margita Rockstroh; Closest to the Pin -- Ruth Schroeder, Pat Ralff.

Dolphin Head

Results of Ladies tournament held Aug. 29; Format: Green tees even, red tees odd; 1. Bette Taylor, Lind Schrader, Elaine Letizia; 2. Cis Muehlberger, Judy Walsh, Linda Mikita (blind).

Fripp Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held Aug. 27; Format: Stableford, two best net balls; 1. Jay Hillebrand, Gerard Burke, Larry Grimsley, John Dunphy; 2. Dan McCormick, Rich Assaf, Dick Welhoelter, Bob Kurkjian; 3. Bob Bicknell, Bob Pfaffroth, John Fineis, Howard Harmon.

Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of tournament held Aug. 28; Format: Best ball of 4 net t's and f's; 1. Dona Butcher, Sandy Marshall, Joan Burns, Juliann Foster; Closest to the Pin -- Linda Tiney.

Island West

Results of tournament held Aug. 23; Format: 3 best balls on holes 1-6, 2 best balls on holes 7-12 and one best ball on holes 13-18; 1. Gary Goodridge, Dan Glass, Matt Cassidy, Fred Palcho; 2. Phil Dembowski, Dave Zander, Tom Dardaris, Bob Wood; Closest to the Pin -- John Putnam, Bob Wood, Gary Goodridge, Steve Sheetz.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held Aug. 29; Format: 2 of 4 better ball; 1. (tie) J. McGavisk, J. Minnich, N. Everett, A. Najaka, S. Brainard, S. Thompson, M. Fulling, MJ Reeves.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held Aug. 28; 1. Ronnie Raddin, 2. Marilyn Zeleznik; Low Gross: June Somers; Closest to the Pin -- June Somers, Kathy LaBonte, Karen Gentzler; Chip Ins: Lynne Miller; Birdies: June Somers.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held Aug. 25; Format: Individual Stableford; Flight 1 -- 1. Dick Timcoe, 2. Jerry Wells, 3. Mike Danyi, 4. Bill Shipe; Flight 2 -- 1. Bob Wright, 2. Michael Burnce, 3. Len Marino, 4. Bill Smith; Low Net -- Dick Timcoe.

Results of Ladies day held Aug. 26; Format: Putter's Pride; 1. Shirley DeHond, 2. Terry Boyer, 3. Pat Hannin.


Run for Ret 5K

Top finishers, Saturday, at Hilton Head Island, Sea Pines

(Complete results can be found at


1. Josh Tierney, Bluffton HS 17:22

2. Evans Beach, Bluffton HS 18:08

3. John Duberly, Hilton Head Island 18:51

4. Nahuel Coronel, Bluffton HS 18:54

5. Anthony Chissell, Bluffton HS 19:10

6. Sean Killeen, Richmond 19:13

7. Chattman Olson, Bluffton 19:18

8. Daniel Falcocchio, Bluffton HS 19:22

9. Phillip Evans, Sea Pines Montessori 19:30

10. Matt Gaze, Bluffton HS 19:35

11. Robert Long, Bluffton HS 19:38

12. Kris Geiger, Hilton Head HS 19:43

13. Aaron Kimball, Bluffton HS 19:45

14. Harrison Dixon, Bluffton HS 19:54

15. Sean Sutay, Bluffton HS 19:58

16. Chase Sanders, Hilton Head HS 20:13

17. Michael Roberts, Bluffton 20:22

18. Gregory McGlinn, Hilton Head HS 20:25

19. Timothy Brodeur, Carrollton 20:30

20. Brantley Groshon, Bluffton HS 20:42


1. Carley McGlinn, Hilton Head HS 20:56

2. Casey Witkowski, Bluffton HS 21:08

3. Savannah Schepp, Bluffton HS 21:58

4. Lea Tierney, Bluffton HS 22:03

5. Abby Gross, Hilton Head HS 22:58

6. Ciara McMahon, Hilton Head HS 22:59

7. Christina McCarty, Irmo 23:17

8. Scottie House, Bluffton HS 23:20

9. Kate Presley, Hilton Head 23:23

10. Abby Kandel, Hilton Head Prep 23:39

11. Allison Pirog-Gill, Beaufort 24:23

12. Laurel Woerheide, Hilton Head Prep 24:29

13. Jill Brunori, Hilton Head Prep 24:33

14. Delphine Carter, Birmingham 24:51

15. Amber Klitzsch, Bluffton HS 24:57

16. Annadet Giles, Bluffton HS 25:00

17. Elizabeth Bargas, Hilton Head 25:06

18. Sarah Cooke, HHI 25:21

19. Tori Herman, HHI 25:41

20. Meg Herman, HHI 25:43

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