Recreation Results, August 19

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Bear Creek

Results of Men's day held Aug. 15; Format: One Best; 1. Dale Peters, Michael Nairne, Dave McCandless, John Hersey (blind).

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held Aug. 16; Format: Tee to Green; 1. Judy Peters, Barbara Burtch; 3. Terry Hicks.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held Aug. 16; Format: Individual Points; 18-hole players: Flight A -- Casey Vanderveer; Flight B -- Jane Johnson; Flight C -- Barbara Slagowitz; 9-hole players: 1. Cathy Rubery, 2. Mary Swanson.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of Men's day held Aug. 11; Format: Team Stableford; 1. Bob Rusche, James Donham, Mike Keskin, Jim Walczy; 2. Dave Politi, Robert von Bremen, Dave Lunka, Jay Staufenberg; 3. Tom Vater, Tom Cuomo, William Mackey, Steve Horvat; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Clark, Bob Rusche.

Results of WGA tournament held Aug. 15; Format: Hate Em Don't Play Em; 1. Beverly Holmes, 2. Beth Taylor, 3. Leslie Gilroy, 4. Ruth Schroeder, 5. Janet White, 6. Susan Lee; Closest to the Pin -- Ruth Schroeder.

Results of MGA tournament held Aug. 16; Format: 2 best balls of 4; 1. Tony Andreano, Jim O' Brien, Dean Hergert, Steve Horvat; 2. Keith Rapp, Kent Mittelberg, Dave Ralff, Pat Falciglia; Closest to the Pin -- Tony Andreano.

Dolphin Head

Results of Ladies tournament held Aug. 15; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Bette Taylor, Arline Levit; 2. Barb O'Brien, Audrey King.

Fripp Island

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held Aug. 14; Format: Best on Par 4's: 1. Rita Michals, 2. Trudy Crysel, 3. Bev Fineis, 4. Gen La Polla.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Ladies Day held Aug. 14; Medal Play: Gross -- 1. Cynthia Odell, Net -- 1. Bridgette Onda; Better ball of 3 net: 1. Linda Tibey, Katie Jones, Cheryl Schmidt; Closest to the Pin -- Vernice Madsen.

Results of Men's day held Aug. 15; Format: 2 best ball of 3; 1. Bill Stinnett, Greg Gillen, Larry Schmidt; 2. Tim Perkins, Gene Cook, Jack Conlon; 3. Don Creamer, Jim Kelly, Stan Jewell; 4. Dick Ryan, Steve Tibey, Roger Halpin; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Payne, Mike Flint, Frank Lipari, Howard Madsen.

Hidden Cypress

Results of WGA 18 Hole League tournament held Aug. 9; Format: Throw out one hole per nine-net; Flight 2 - 1. (tie) Eleanor Kiel, Sheila Divvens; 3. Harriet Bender; Flight 3 - 1. Caroline Reneau; Flight 4 - Janet Haysom.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held Aug. 15; Format: 1-2-3; 1. C. Johnson, P. Finnie, N. Everett, M. Todaro.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held Aug. 16; Format: Tee to Green and Low Putts; Tee to Green -- 1. E. Himes, 2. S. Kaminski; Low Putts -- 1. M. League, 2. O'Connell.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day held Aug. 14; Format: 1,2,3 & 1,2,3; 1. Dick Timcoe, Tod Powers, Bob Williams, Jim Schwarz; 2. Hud Molloy, John Klinger, George Edell; Low Net -- Len Marino; Closest to the Pin -- John Klinger.

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