From the Beacon: Learn all about kites before kite-flying day at libraries

Special to Lowcountry LifeAugust 19, 2012 

"Go fly a kite!" That's just one more way to tell someone to get lost. But when you think about it, it's not a bad idea. Being in your favorite park or at your favorite beach, enjoying a pleasant breeze and seeing just how high you can make that creation of paper or fabric fly sounds like a great afternoon to me.

Next to that, the best thing I can think of is reading a nice book to get in the mood for an afternoon of kite flying.

'The Magnificent Book of Kites,' by Maxwell Eden

Everything you could want to know about kites is here: the history of kites, the anatomy of a kite, making a kite and even kite safety. Though written for adults, the information contained in this book is well organized and accessible to readers of all ages.

'Kites: Magic Wishes that Fly Up to the Sky,' by Demi

This is a marvelously illustrated book that touches on the wonders of kites and their mythology. Pages upon pages show the variety and beauty of kites. As a bonus, instruction for kite-building and flying are included.

'Henry and the Kite Dragon' by Bruce Edward Hall, illustrated by William Low

Henry Chu's favorite thing about his home in New York's Chinatown is watching Grandfather Chin build and fly the most magnificent of kites. When another boy destroys several of the kites, Henry is prodded into action. However, he can't begin to imagine how Grandfather Chin will use the kites to teach Henry and the other children of the neighborhood a lesson in friendship and sharing.

'Someone Bigger,' by Jonathan Emmett, illustrated by Adrian Reynolds

Sam really wants to help fly his family's kite, but Dad insists that it needs someone "bigger." When the kite gets out of hand, it seems no one can get it back under control. Sam, though, might just be big enough to make the difference.

'Kite Day,' by Will Hillenbrand

Bear and Mole are enjoying the simple joy of kite-flying when the wind decides to ruin their day. But even in the midst of catastrophe, the joy of kite-flying comes through for Bear and Mole.

'The Kite Festival,' by Leyla Torres

A family on a Sunday outing comes upon a kite festival. They are determined to participate but do not have a kite. With a bit of creativity and imagination, they manage to not only fly a kite, but win an award. Instructions on how to make a hexagonal kite are included in the book.

Kite-flying day

As part of the "One County Reads One Country" program, the Beaufort County Library is holding a kite-flying day at 1 p.m. Oct. 6. Each branch also will hold a kite-building day beforehand so that people of all ages can build their own kites. Join us for this opportunity to fill the skies of Beaufort with kites.

For exact locations and information on each library branch's kite-building day and kite-flying day, please call your local branch or 843-255-6430.

For information on all "One County Reads One Country" events, go to and check out our blog.

Scott Strawn is the youth services coordinator for the Beaufort County Library system. Contact him at 843-255-6456.

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