Recreation Results and Standings, August 8

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Bear Creek

Results of tournament held August 4; Format: Blind Partners; 1. Michael Marks, Chandler Russell, Mike Porter, Michael Harter, Gerhard Gartner, Bill O'Neill.

Fripp Island

Results of tournament held July 30; Format: Two best net balls; 1. Bob Pfaffroth, Richard Watts, David Laird and Buck Mathews; 2. Thom Lane, Jim Click, Rick Keup and Ed Smith; 3. Ben Hays, Steve Schnobritch and Larry Sigafoos.

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held July 31; 1. Patti Schuette, Chris Assaf, Annelisa Bindra; 2. Jan Pringle, Nancy Connell, Barbara Sealey, Sam Taylor.

Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Ladies day held July 31; Format: Best Ball of 4 Net; 1. Esther Costanzo, Barbara Grimes, Linda Tibey, Dona Butcher; Closest to the Pin -- Ro DiCanio.

Results of Men's day held August 1; Format: 1 best ball of 3; 1. Jim Kelly, Rick Hayward, John Kern; Medal Play: Gold Gross: Gary Ghent; Blue Net: Phil Moore, Chuck Helton, Beau Patteron; Blue Gross: Mike Flint, Bill Eisenman; White Gross: Bob Buczynski; White Net: Gene Cook; Green Net: John Welty, Tom Fitzgerald, Tom Briley; Closest to the Pin -- Henry Butcher, Roger Halpin, Gene Cook, John Bauman.

Hampton Hall

Results of Ladies tournament held July 17; Format: ACES; First Gross - N. Buontempo, Net - W. Miller; Second Gross - S. Hammond, Net - P. Myers.

Results of Ladies tournament held July 21; Format: Low Gross Team; 1. N. Buontempo, P. Betz, D. Fagan; 2. A. Hausman, M. Thomas, D. Reese.

Results of Ladies tournament held July 24; Format: Two person Team low net; 1. J. Rafter/K. Williams, 2. S. Hammond/P. Myers.

Results of Ladies tournament held July 28; Format: 15 holes Team; 1. M. Thomas, E. Ogden, L. Doukas (blind draw); 2. S. Brooks, C. Cavner, L. Doukas.

Results of Ladies tournament held July 31; Format: 9 blind holes; Flight 1 -- 1. L. Doukas, 2. S. Carlson; Flight 2 -- 1. K. Williams, 2. A. Hausman.

Hidden Cypress

Results of tournament held July 30; 1. Norma Shields, Bonnie Buckley, Deborah Kusiak, Aileen Carlsson; 2. Betty McMillion, Sandi Antonacio, Janet Haysom, Happy Kupperman; 3. Martha McEvoy, Marilyn Shaw, Sandra Tooley.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Assciation tournament held July 31; 1. Karen Gentzler, 2. Verlyn Beck, 3. Laura Hrubi; Low Gross-Marilyn Zeleznik; Birdie- Jane Aurandt; Closest to the Pin -- Verlyn Beck, Jane Aurandt, Karen Gentzler.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held July 31; Format: 1-2-3; 1. Jack Diver, Tod Powers, Ed Scott, George Edell; 2. Jerry Wells, Al Harris, Bob Williams, Greg Vavoso; Low Net: Jack Diver; Closest to the Pin -- Tod Powers.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held Aug. 6 at Port Royal Barony; Format: 4 Man, 6-6-6; 1. Rick Kasper, Tony Karnas, Jeremy Willert, Larry Jackson; 2. Angelo Nardi, Russell Piccioni, Jim Fisher, William Blazek; Closest to the Pin -- Albert Kinal, John Esposito, Richard Dubiel, Bob Doran.


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- SC Yacht in first at 6-1

7.0 -- Wexford Spin Masters in first at 6-1

8.0 -- PRRC Mixed Troubles in first at 7-0; clinched championship

Senior Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Spanish Wells Mixed Up Seniors in first at 3-2; clinched championship

7.0 -- PDTC Mixed Up Swingers in first at 9-0; clinched championship

8.0 -- Port Royal Top Spinners in first at 9-1

9.0 -- SBRC only team entered

Adult Combo standings

W5.5 -- Spanish Wells Victorious Secret in first at 1-0

W6.5 -- SPCC Seahawks in first at 2-0

W7.5 -- Palmetto Dunes Daiquiris, SCYC Dare Doubles, Long Cove Shore Things tied in first at 2-0

M8.5 -- PRRC BT Express in first at 2-0

Senior Combo standings

W6.5 -- Haig Point Herons in first at 4-0

M7.5 -- South Beach Gunnaguys, Spring Lake Springers tied in first at 3-1

W7.5 -- Port Royal Roaring Racquets in first at 4-0

M8.5 -- No Hogg Doggs in first at 2-0

Coastal Carolina Tennis Leagues

Adult Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Palmetto Bluff 1st Love in first at 4-3

7.0 -- Beaufort Mixologists in first at 5-1

8.0 -- TLC Bears in first at 4-0

9.0 -- TCL Rebels in first at 2-0

Senior Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Sun City Grand Slammers, TLC Add-ins tied in first at 1-1

7.0 -- Sun City Servivors in first at 6-0

8.0 -- Sun City Dynamic Duos in first at 4-0

Senior Combo Doubles standings

W5.5 -- Sun City Life Laugh Luv Too, Haven Summer Slammers tied in first at 1-1

M6.5 -- Sun City Add In in first at 4-0

W6.5 -- Sun City Get a Grip in first at 3-0

M7.5 -- Hampton Lakers in first at 2-0

W7.5 -- Sun City Boomers, Belfair Babes tied in first at 2-1

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