Former Bluffton resident finds success with handbag line

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Alice Monroney was born in Washington, D.C. Her father was a reporter for The Washington Post, and her grandfather was U.S. Sen. Mike Monroney. She grew up playing at the White House.

During the Kennedy Administration, her father served as executive assistant to the postmaster general. Her cousin, Nancy Tuckerman, was Jackie Kennedy's closest childhood friend and confidant throughout her entire life.

I met Alice in 1978 when this amazing whirlwind took up residence in Bluffton. Alice moved here to run a classic car dealership on Hilton Head Island -- Hilton Head Auto Mart, which some of you might remember. Later, she became the first woman to sell cars at the Critz Dealership in Savannah.

Alice knows cars, that is for sure.

Bluffton could only contain Alice for a short time so she set out to conquer the wild West.

In 1995, she created Alice's Tapestries, an award-winning handbag line. She has sold more than 60,000 of these gorgeous bags all over the world. No one has ever returned one for any reason except to have a strap refurbished.

Alice's bags are sold at The Smithsonian Institute, The National Textile Museum and 600 other shops and museums throughout the country.

She got some very exciting news last week. It seems a producer for the Emmys saw the bags and decided they were perfect to give all the nominees and winners at this year's event. Their favorite pattern was the zebra one, which is very cool.

All of Alice's Tapestries are proudly made in America, which is a great source of pride for their creator. The bags are beautiful and come in lots of patterns. They are wonderful for yoga gear or weekend jaunts to the beach.

I am so excited for Alice and I can't wait to watch and see how many of her creations I see on the telly.

Alice divides her time between Santa Fe, N.M., and Colorado. She is on Facebook, and her bags can be seen there, too.

  • I loved my maternal grandmother so much. She was always there when we were little. I can't remember a time when she wasn't. If my mother and father were out for the evening and our babysitter could not solve the problem, we called our beloved Deckie. She was not far away, only about one mile, but all five of us knew one call would be all that was needed. We did exactly what she told us to do. If she said, "Go to bed and stop being little hooligans," you can bet your whiskers we did just that.

  • I am so amazed at how little respect children and people have for each other these days. No one thinks about anything but themselves. We would have gotten a giant pinch and a look one would not soon forget if we had done one thing to annoy anyone.

    This was quite often over the telephone and I am still amazed at how much we loved and respected her. Sometimes the phone was thrown out of the window so no one could make the call, but there was always a clever sibling who found it -- and, voila! That was it. One little dial of my grandmother's phone number turned five children to angels and adoring quivering babies.

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