Recreation Results and Standings, July 11

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Bear Creek

Results of Sunday Mixed Couples tournament held July 1; Format: Best 1 Ball; 1. Bob Moss, J.C. Fiisher, Terri Ozley; 2. Gene Kay, Casey Vanderveer, Barbara Slagowitz.

Results of Independence Day tournament held July 4; 9 hole mixed tournament -- Ben and Mary Swanson; Tom Nordstrom and Pam Prinsze; 18-hole mixed -- 1. Hugh and Joyce Muphy; Gene and Judy Kay; 2. Bob and Charlotte Moss; Marty and Barbara Slagowitz; Closest to the Pin -- J.C. Fisher, Judy Kay.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of MGA tournament held July 5; Format: Reverse Waltz; 1. Ed Sessler, Andy Paterno, Denny Smith, John Mastrovito; 2. Tony Andreano, Keith Rapp, Dave Ralff, Frank Brill; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Faust.

Results of Men's day tournament held July 7; Format: Waltz; 1. Bill Junga, Keith Rapp, Kent Mittelberg (blind), Frank Brill; 2. Mike Kapitula, Dennis Jones, Basil Walker, Jim Walczy; 3. John Winnestaffer, Dave Lunka, Michael Keskin, Robert Clemens; Closest to the Pin -- Dave Palmetier, Keith Rapp.

Dolphin Head

Results of Men's tournament held June 29; Format: 1 better ball of 3; 1. Mike Jenner, Mack McCaffrey, Kirk Eaton; 2. Carl Schmidt, John Howells, Lamae Finch; 3. Ron McCann, John Mikita, Gene Passmore; Skins -- Kirk Eaton, Lamar Finch, Jon Howells, Gene Passmore.

Results of Men's tournament held July 6; Format: Ace day, low gross - low net; Ace of the month net -- Joe McGlothlin, Ace of the month gross -- Joe McGlothlin, 1st Flight net -- 1. Ron McCann, 2. Mike Jenner; 2nd Flight net -- 1. Bruce Bitner, 2. Wayne Landi.

Hidden Cypress

Results of tournament held July 6; Flight 1 -- 1. Donna Rosehart, 2. Jan Wagner, 3. Anita Fox; Flight 2 -- 1. Eleanor Kiel, 2. Peg Marino and Barbara Gonsalves; 4. Harriet Bender and Dianne Couper; Flight 3 -- 1. Harriett Schwartz, 2. Joyce Calabrese, 3. Jan North, 4. Marilyn Schaeffer; Flight 4 -- 1. Janet Haysom, 2. Pris Jones.

Rose Hill

Results of LGA Ladies Day event held July 7; Format: Best Ball of Partners; 1. Terry Boyer, Julie Gee; 2. Terry Boyer, Charlotte Timcoe; CTP -- Dianne Doherty.

Results of MGA Men's Day event held July 7; Format: Team Stableford; 1. Jack Diver, Tod Powers, Mike Danyi, Peter Doherty; 2. Ernie Hannin, Dick Timcoe, Ed Scott, Mike Kirkland; Low Net -- Mike Danyi; Closest to the Pin -- Ed Varcho.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held July 9 at Callawassie; Format: Individual Stableford; Flight A -- 1. Chris Morris, 2. Gibby Young; Flight B -- 1. Kevin Penke, 2. Dave Palmetier; Flight C -- 1. Robert Nelson, 2. Dick Labonte; Flight D -- 1. Joseph Ondo, 2. Jim Folds; Flight E -- 1. Louis Tiano, 2. Paul Denning; Flight F -- 1. Michael MacGee, 2. Jimmy Andersen; Flight G -- 1. Jim Williams, 2. Steve Richards; Flight H -- 1. Mike Thompson, 2. Sean Doran; Flight I -- 1. Robert Boslet, 2. Don Reed; Closest to the Pin -- Steve Richards, Bill Hastrich, Jim Williams, Ed Hardee.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held June 29; Format: Match Play vs. Par; 1. Harry Jewett, 2. (tie) Jim Benford and Sonny Compher; Skins -- Jim Benford, Art Clephane, Sonny Compher, Harry Jewett, Larry Sauer.

Results of Men's day held July 6; Format: Individual Nassau; Front 9 -- Bud Arnal; Back 9 -- (tie) Harry Jewett and John Pagluica; Overall -- (tie) Chet Rozof and Mark Rozof; Skins -- Bud Arnal, Art Clephane, Harry Jewett, Chet Rozof, Mark Rozof.


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- SC Yacht in first at 3-0

7.0 -- SCYC Dare Doubles in first at 4-0

8.0 -- PRRC Mixed Troubles in first at 4-0

Senior Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Spanish Wells Mixed Up Seniors in first at 3-0

7.0 -- PDTC Mixed Up Swingers, Tools and Jewels tied in first at 5-0

8.0 -- Wexford, PDTC Shooters, Port Royal Top Spinners tied in first at 5-1

9.0 -- SBRC only team entered

Super Senior Combo standings

W6.5 -- Moss Creek Volley Girls in first at 5-1; clinched championship

M7.5 -- Spring Lake Springers in first at 7-2; clinched championship

W7.5 -- Spring Lake Smash Gals in first at 6-0; clinched championship

Coastal Carolina Tennis Leagues

Adult Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Beaufort Bandits in first at 3-1

7.0 -- Rose Hill N It To Win It in first at 2-0

Senior Mixed Doubles standings

7.0 -- Sun City Servivors in first at 3-0

8.0 -- Sun City Dynamic Duos, Sun City Tennis Buddies tied in first at 1-0

Super Senior Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Sun City Grand Slams in first at 6-1

7.0 -- Sun City Love Bugs in first at 6-0; clinched championship

8.0 -- Sun City Mixed Masters, Sun City Dynamic Duos tied in first at 4-2; Mixed Masters clinch championship on fewer sets lost

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