Some things definitely are worth remembering

rodcrafter@islc.netJuly 7, 2012 

Sidney always caught fish but forgot where his fishing holes were anytime he went with other fisherman. But lately Sidney's memory was as sharp as ever, and he was sharing his good fortune with others.

One day Lester asked him, "Sidney, how is it you seem to remember things easier than most of us?"

"Oh, that's easy," replied Sidney. "The wife sent me to one of those memory schools."

"What memory school?" asked Lester.

Sidney thought for a moment and asked Lester, "What's the name of that pretty red flower the ladies like so much?"

"You mean a rose," said Lester.

"Yeah, Rose, that's it," Sidney said. He then hollered for his wife, "Hey, Rose, what's the name of that memory school you sent me to?"

I guess this is a prime example of selective memory.


There have been, and will continue to be, changes in Loran and GPS availability and conversion allowances. Before the new makes problems for the old, do a bit of homework and get your fixes entered in your ship's log or angler journal.

The proposals have not gone beyond the rumor mill as yet but, as we all know, with the government things have a tendency to change unexpectedly. The following may prove to be helpful in your entries.

Converting Loran readings to GPS

To aid you in your homework I would recommend Google Earth and GPS Babel. Both are free of charge and can be downloaded from the Internet -- --

Update Wreck and Reef Loran Readings

Fripp Island Reef: LORAN C-45546.1/60968.8 1 buoy marks reef, bearing 140

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