Recreation Results and Standings, July 4

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Hampton Hall

Results of Ladies event held June 19; Format: ACE; First Flight -- Low Gross: N. Buontempo, Low Net: S. Titus; Second Flight -- Low Gross: P. Hannock, Low Net: D. Fagan

Results of Ladies event held June 23; Format: Stableford; 1. N. Buontempo, D. Moorhead, J. McCord; 2. D. Reese, S. Hammond, S. Titus

Results of Ladies event held June 26; Format: Pink Ball; 1. J. McCord, S. Titus, D. Fagan; 2. D. Moorhead, D. Reese, L. Doukas; 3. S. Brooks, K. Williams, S. Hammond

Results of Ladies event held June 30; Format: Skills; 1. C. Cavner, 2. E. Ogden, 3. D. Moorhead, 4. K. Williams

Results of Ladies event held July 3; Format: Against Par; 1. S. Titus, 2. P. Hannock, 3. L. Doukas, 4. K. Wiliams, 5. P. Betz

Hidden Cypress

Results of 9 hole couples event held June 29; Format: Shamble, 2 net best balls of 4; Flight 1 -- 1. Tom & Donna Cantwell, Pat & Sue Palmese; 2. Nancy & Bud Madara, Wayne & Mary Teague; Flight 2 -- 1. Allan & Jean Cosgrove, James & Fran Cason; 2. Bill & Bonnie Dreyer, Bob & Gwen Blakey

Moss Creek

Results of Men's Day event held July 3; Format: Net One of Four; 1. Rick Bates, Herb Sawyer, Paul Schulz, Dick Phillips; 2. John Jourdan, Russ Piccioni, Jim Vogel, Terry Reynolds; 3. Tom Andreas, Dave Smith, George Barnes, David Couts

Palmetto Hall

Results of Wednesday Men's Group held June 27 at Hills Course; Format: Best 1/2/3 (Par) Net; 1. Ron Tindall, Gus Christ, Tom Raddin, Fred McNamee; 2. Dick LaBonte, Rick Kasper, Jim Williams, Al Vingelen; 3. Mark DeVilling, Jim Webb, Frank Sutera, Don Tuckey; 4. Tom Cumming, George Salemi, Art Loeben, Bob Richardson; 5. David Henson, Bobby Allen, Richard Miller, Fred Reever; 6. Randall Sigmund, Bob Holben, Roy Haynes, Ray McElhaney; CTP -- Bobby Allen, Ray McElhaney, David Henson, Frank Sutera

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day event held June 30; Format: 1-2-3 Reversed; 1. Mike Danyi, Ernie Hannin, George Edell, Bill Smith; Low Net -- Tom Fox; CTP -- Ernie Hannin

Results of LGA Ladies Day event held June 9; Format: Low Gross/Low Net; Low Gross -- Mateja Johnson; Low Net, front nine -- Charlotte Timcoe; Low Net, back nine -- Pat Hannin

Results of LGA Ladies Day event held June 27; Format: Team Stableford; 1. Shirley DeHond, Charlotte Timcoe, Jane Gurganus; CTP -- Terry Boyer


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- SC Yacht in first at 3-0

7.0 -- SCYC Dare Doubles in first at 4-0

8.0 -- PRRC Mixed Troubles in first at 4-0

Senior Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Spanish Wells Mixed Up Seniors in first at 2-0

7.0 -- PDTC Mixed Up Swingers, Tools and Jewels tied in first at 5-0

8.0 -- Wexford, PDTC Shooters, Port Royal Top Spinners tied in first at 4-1

9.0 -- SBRC only team entered

Coastal Carolina Tennis Leagues

Adult Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Beaufort Bandits in first at 3-1

7.0 -- Rose Hill N It To Win It in first at 2-0

Senior Mixed Doubles standings

7.0 -- Sun City Servivors in first at 3-0

8.0 -- Sun City Dynamic Duos, Sun City Tennis Buddies tied in first at 1-0

Super Senior Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Sun City Grand Slams in first at 6-1

7.0 -- Sun City Love Bugs in first at 6-0; clinched championship

8.0 -- Sun City Mixed Masters, Sun City Dynamic Duos tied in first at 4-2; Mixed Masters clinch championship on fewer sets lost

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