Recreation Results and Standings, June 27

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Dataw Island

Results of 9- hole ladies tournament held June 19; 1. Charlotte Hurley, Peggy Hubright, Sally Coulton, Nancy Meredith.

Results of 9-hole mens tournament; 1. 1. Joe Maus, Alan Korhammer, Bob Anderson, John Meredith.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament; 1. Linda Klotz, Ellie White, Charlotte Hurley, Mary Ann Voegtle; 2. Susan Blackburn, Lind Fiorella, Marcia Gesser, Linda Muehl.

Results of 18-hole mens tournament; 1. Tony Silvestri, Dennis Gesser, Bill Weber, Rick Manzari; 2. Don Farris, Bob Peck, Bud Fischer, Walter Lee; Closest to the Pin -- Tony Silvestri, Shiela Sears, Tom Hurley, Trudy Stevens, John Schafer, Bud Huber, Walter Lee, Paula Wexler, Larry Weidner, Alan Korhammer, Joan Maus; Chip Ins -- Nancy Day, Linda Fiorella.

Dolphin Head

Results of Men's tournament held June 23; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Tom Morgan, George Gribble, Kirk Eaton, Tom Davis; 2. Ron McCann, Jerry Berndt.

Hidden Cypress

Results of tournament held June 18; Format: 2 Best Balls of 4; 1. Marti Abel, Bonnie Buckley, Nancy Cosky, Julianne Ruske; 2. Mary Berger, Dian Lister, Martha McEvoy, Karen Groshoski; 3. Brenda Carter, Chris Olsen, Karen Amus, Verna Bell; 4. Penny Chapman, Karen Iamele, Cynthia Masalin, Jolene Rigby.

Island West

Results of tournament held June 7; Format: One best ball on holes 1-12 and two best balls holes 13-18; 1. David Glover, David Stewart, Ron Bradley, Michael Hughes; 2. Gary Goodridge, Dan Glass, Eddie Iannacone, Bill Hobson; 3. Dave Zander, Don Biersack, Don Doyle, Fred Palcho; Closest to the Pin -- D. Stewart, G. Conklin, T. Dardaris. S. Petro.

Results of tournament held June 21; Format: Format: One best ball of 4 and three best balls on holes 1,9,10 and 18; 1. G. Watts, D, Glass, G. Apple, S. Grimaldi; 2. Dave Stewart, John Putnam, Bill Hobson, Blind Draw - D. Glass; 3. (tie) G. Goodridge, S. Sheetz, Mike Rotelle, Blind Draw - G. Apple, B. Scaplehorn, D. Biesack, T. Dardaris, F. Raffaele; Closest to the Pin -- G. Watts, D. Biersack, G. Goodridge, P. Dembroski.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held June 19; 1. Kathy LaBonte, 2. Ronnie Raddin, 3. June Somers/Deb Korthase/Camille DeJianne; Low Gross -- Kathy LaBonte; Closest to the Pin -- Ronnie Raddin (2), Camille DeJianne; Chip In -- Carol Salemi.

Results of tournament held June 22; 1. Joe Bradley, Kirk Reid, Jim O'Neill; 2. Tom Zeleznik, Ray Mcelhaney, Fred McNamee; 3. Dick Labonte, Eric Johnson, Jim Colburn, Bob Dejianne, Lou Tiano, Ron Smetek.


Results of tournament held June 20; Format: Three Club Monte Best Ball; 1. Glenn Schabel, Joe Sigler, Ted Wagner; Ladies -- 1. Sharon Schabel, Phyllis Souder, Chris Wagner.

Rose Hill

Results of Men's Day tournament held June 23; Format: 2 Man Scramble; 1. Jerry Wells, George Edell; 2. Pat Gurganus, Greg Vavoso.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held June 22; Format: Low Gross/Low Net: Low Gross -- 1. Jeff McConnell, 2. Jess Bryant; Low Net -- 1. Harry Jewett, 2. (tie) Bud Arnal and Dick Rigler; Skins -- Grover Groves, Rick Graff, Jeff McConnell, Bill O'Day, Dick Rigler, Chet Rozof, Larry Sauer.


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Super Senior Combo standings

W6.5 -- Moss Creek Volley Girls in first at 5-1

M7.5 -- Spring Lake Springers in first at 7-1; clinched championship

W7.5 -- Spring Lake Smash Gals in first at 6-0; clinched championship

Adult Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- SC Yacht in first at 3-0

7.0 -- SCYC Dare Doubles in first at 3-0

8.0 -- PRRC Mixed Troubles in first at 3-0

Senior Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Spanish Wells Mixed Up Seniors in first at 2-0

7.0 -- PDTC Mixed Up Swingers, Tools and Jewels tied in first at 4-0

8.0 -- PDTC Shooters in first at 4-0

9.0 -- SBRC only team entered

Coastal Carolina Tennis Leagues

Super Senior Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Sun City Grand Slams in first at 6-1

7.0 -- Sun City Love Bugs in first at 6-0

8.0 -- Sun City Mixed Masters, Sun City Dynamic Duos tied in first at 4-2

Adult Mixed Doubles standings

6.0 -- Beaufort Bandits in first at 2-1

7.0 -- Rose Hill N It To Win It in first at 1-0

Senior Mixed Doubles standings

7.0 -- Sun City Servivors in first at 3-0

8.0 -- Sun City Tennis Buddies in first at 1-0

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