From the Beacon: Romance novels heat up beach days

Special to Lowcountry LifeJune 10, 2012 

It's that time of year again -- when the living is fine. As the summer sun beats down and sweat starts to trickle off your brow, what better time to hit the beach with your favorite romance book from the library? Here are some of my recommendations:

  • ABC at Lobeco (the Adult Book Club) recently read "Call Me Irresistible," by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. This is a tale all about how boy meets girl, boy and girl decide to marry and girl's best friend talks girl out of it. OK, so it might not start off as your typical romance, but watching the sparks fly between Meg (the best friend) and Ted (the jilted groom) will keep you turning pages on the beach long after your skin has turned red.

  • For those who are looking for something a bit more serious, I would like to suggest "Silver Girl," by Elin Hilderbrand. Connie's husband recently died and Meredith's husband recently was jailed for financial fraud, so the ladies head off to Nantucket for the summer to try to heal their wounds and salvage their friendship. Nothing in life ever goes according to plan, though, even well- deserved summer vacations, and the two soon find themselves facing their demons, both new and old. And when Connie's brother Toby shows up ... well, let's just say that the ocean waves aren't the only thing that's turbulent.

  • If a good old-fashioned bodice-ripper with a taste of the paranormal and a dash of a thriller is more your style, then check out "The Selkie Bride," by Melanie Jackson. Recently widowed, and glad to be free of an abusive relationship, Megan withdraws to a quiet cottage in the quaint, sea-side town of Findloss, Scotland. But when handsome stranger Lachlan shows up on her door, looking for both vengeance and his mysterious bride, quiet is the last thing Megan will find.

  • Finally, if you're a dog lover and your heart has ever been broken, then you will definitely want to check out "Not That Kind of Girl," by Susan Donovan. Roxanne's dog Lilith has taken the term "man-hater" a little too far and now Roxanne has to work with dog training expert Eli or risk losing her best furry friend. Can Eli get past the barbs in Roxanne's heart and teach both her and Lilith how to be more gentle? There's one sure way to find out ... come to your local library branch and check it out. Just don't get the book wet or sandy when you take it to the beach.

  • Gina Molter is the branch manager at the Lobeco library, 1862 Trask Parkway, Lobeco.

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