Buddy's heavy thinking makes fishing trips exciting

info@islandpacket.comJune 2, 2012 

I received a call from my old fishing partner David Pointer yesterday. He is back in town and ready for action.

Seems he has been catching up on vacation time with the family and hasn't had the opportunity to devote to fishing.

During his call, he mentioned he thought he was being manipulated.

"It appears the shoe is now on the other foot," Pointer commented. "I think Disneyland is a people trap operated by a mouse."

What he said explains why our fishing trips are so interesting, never a dull moment with such a heavy thinker.


Recreational harvest of golden tilefish in the South Atlantic waters will close, at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

The closure applies in both state and federal waters for vessels which have a valid charter/headboat permit for South Atlantic Snapper-Grouper.

Black Sea Bass Season opened Friday. Regulations state that you can keep five fish with a tail length of 12 inches.

Clam season closed Thursday. Shellfish harvesting is expected to reopen in October.


According to Don Hammond, Director of Dolphinfish Research Program Cooperative Science Services, LLC, recent research has shown that two cobia tagged under the Reef Foundations tagging program have been caught.

A 27-inch fish tagged at 32 degrees 15.290 minutes north latitude and 80 degrees 38.908 minutes west longitude June 26, 2011 by Jon DeLoach aboard the Polecat was caught May 8 at the Broad River bridge by Edward Kulisek of Bluffton.

The fish was re-released. It had been out 317 days, was recovered 12 miles from release site and grew an estimated 8 inches.

The second fish was tagged and recovered by Bill Parker on the Runaway. He tagged it on June 1, 2011 in the mouth of Port Royal Sound when it was measured at 31 inches.

He recaptured it in the mouth of Port Royal on May 27, 2012 when it was measured at 37.5 inches. It was out 361 days and recovered roughly two miles from its release site.


If you want to catch dolphin, now is the time. Trophy bulls, 50 pounds and heavier, appear to be scarce, but the abundance of 20- to 30-pound fish is more than making up for it.

I have only seen two dolphin smaller than 30 inches brought to the dock. Out of roughly 300 landed, that's not bad.


Flounder may not share the glory or prestige many other species seem to receive, but there is little doubt which species is most often preferred at the table.

This is the time for flounder and area anglers are taking advantage of every situation in their pursuit.

You do not have to work very hard to bring flounder to your line. Fresh shrimp or cut bait fished just off the bottom with a Carolina Rig will take a fair share.

For better action, mud minnows, mullet or a lively shrimp will cause even the most concealed to give up their post and take the hook.


Bruce Fowler, Devan Faltus and 16 year-old Desten Faltus, fishing aboard the "Snagging Wagon", won the Cobia tournament sponsored by the El Toro Lounge. The winning catch weighed 73.7 pounds.

Rick Holten and T.O. from Eastover were second with a haul of 40.13 pounds.

Chris Mackey and Jeremy Mason weighed-in a 35.15 pound cobia to take third place.


To report boating violations such as reckless operation or an intoxicated boat operator, call the DNR toll-free, 24-hour hotline at 1-800-922-5431.

For a copy of South Carolina's boating regulations, to find out about local boating safety courses or to obtain a free float plan form contact the DNR Boating Safety Office at 1-800-277-4301 or visit the DNR website at www.dnr.sc.gov/education/boated.html.

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