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Mark Anderson's RBC Heritage Diary: A solid third round

info@islandpacket.comApril 14, 2012 

Beaufort resident Mark Anderson is playing his fourth consecutive Heritage. Anderson earned his 2012 PGA Tour card after finishing in the top 25 on the Nationwide Tour money list last season. On Saturday, he shot 2-under-par 69, his best score at the Heritage, and is even par for the tournament. Anderson shares his experiences this week in a daily diary, as told to reporter Stephen Fastenau.

It was a little bit better this morning. The wind didn't pick up so much. And the greens were a lot smoother. It was nice to get out early. It was nice to get some good conditions for the first time this week.

I felt a little shaky on the front nine off the tee. Once I settled in and found out how to hit a few fairways on the back nine, it was a lot easier. I made a couple nice putts. I had a couple good putts that didn't go in the hole for birdie. But overall it was really pretty effortless on the second half of the round.

I birdied 9. I hit a really nice second shot into 9 and made a good putt. I birdied 17 after two really good shots. That's a great hole to birdie. And I birdied 13 after hitting a really nice shot in there. That was nice. You hit iron off both 9 and 13 tees and you try to hit a precision iron shot. You better hit a good one there, or else you're going to end up in trouble.

I've been fighting the 3-wood this week, but overall it's been pretty good. I've just got to go work on a few things. I know what to work on. And I'm just going to go out there and get ready for tomorrow.

All I tried to do is plod along and stay patient and do as good as I could do. I probably got as much out of that round as I could have gotten.

I've played with James Driscoll before. I've played with him here before, actually. We get along just fine. He's a good dude. I've known him for a while. We have a lot of mutual friends, so we have a lot to talk about.

I've got to do a drug test. This is the first time. And then I'm going to go to the range and work on a few things and relax in the afternoon.

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