More daylight means less sleeping - except for the cats

info@islandpacket.comMarch 26, 2012 

Sleep, sleep what a glorious thing.

I do not like turning the clock forward or backward. I am so sleep wacky I sing before the birds do. For some peculiar reason, I awake now an hour earlier than I used to just to make sure I get up at the same time as before. It has nothing to do with my mattress. There are mattresses that cost a small fortune and come in beautiful patterns with new-fangled buttons that will lull you to sleep. I have watched my cats sleep, and they could not care less about what the clock says nor what they are sleeping on. At any time of the day or night these furry critters can nod off at the drop of a hat.

In Paris there are "nap bars" springing up, and in Switzerland resorts that will analyze your patterns of sleep. Here in America there is a resort in San Antonio that encourages patrons to put "worry" dolls under their pillows.

Personally, I think you simply need to watch how your cats stretch and move and perhaps you might practice a pounce or two. I wonder if watching how cats live their day is the way we should go about ours in many ways.

Would it not be divine if the time-changer person had a lovely a glass of wine and forgot the whole thing? I think we would still have that sunlight and maybe I might have my sanity and a lovely sleep.

  • The American Legion Post 205 is sponsoring an Oyster Roast for Wounded Warriors on Saturday at the Bluffton Oyster factory. For $25 a person, you can dine on all of the little creatures you like and enjoy barbecue too.

  • This is a marvelous way to enjoy some of Bluffton's treasures and also help our wonderful soldiers.

    Details: James Gilliard, 843-705-2183

  • This a fantabulous time of year to get to know your Bluffton compatriots.

  • The Bluffton Farmers' Market is off to a gallop. People from all over have been coming to see what there is to offer. Of course, there aren't lots of homegrown things yet -- except us -- but there will be.

    There is, however, something we have that can't be found in many of the places our visitors hail from. I have been told by many that our town has the friendliest people they have met in all the places they have been. We have visitors who have traveled all over the world and they have found something right here amongst us that they love. That "something" is how kind and nice we are, and I think we should all be very tickled about it. I am proud of all of us and always have been.

    I have known this for a very, very long time.

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