Local TV show explains Lowcountry's natural world

The Sun City PacketFebruary 29, 2012 

Many local residents moved to the Lowcountry from places where the only alligators lived in zoos. To these transplants, the idea of a flying squirrel may seem like something out of a children's animated TV series--but we have them here, honest.

Several local organizations, including the Coastal Discovery Museum, offer nature lectures and presentations where interested residents can learn about the Lowcountry's plants and animals. But none is more user-friendly than the internet-based TV show "Coastal Kingdom," a series of half-hour episodes hosted by naturalist Tony Mills of the Lowcountry Institute on Spring Island.

"Coastal Kingdom" has been on the air in Beaufort County since 2009. Each episode is a virtual field trip filmed entirely in the Lowcountry and focusing on a theme: for example, "Creatures of the Night," "Winter in the Lowcountry," and "Finding a Mate."

"The idea is to let people know what they have and get them psyched about it so they do a better job of taking care of the waters and lands," Mills said.

The staff of "Coastal Kingdom" recently upgraded the website to allow viewers to watch all of the shows in high definition quality. The ninth episode, called "Lowcountry Predators," debuted Feb. 29.

The television series is made possible by a collaboration between the Lowcountry Institute and The County Channel of Beaufort County.

"Coastal Kingdom" is produced and directed by Rob Lewis. Scott Grooms is also a producer. Gary Kubic is the executive producer.

Join host Tony Mills as he guides viewers on journeys through some of the richest and most diverse habitats of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Get up close and personal with wildlife. See the show at www.coastalkingdom.com

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