Hilton Head Island's Lindsay Myers knows it's 'A Brad Brad World'

jpaprocki@islandpacket.comFebruary 19, 2012 

Funny how things work once you get on TV. One minute you're an assistant to a celebrity stylist. The next, you're known nationally as a bad driver.

Not that it bothers Lindsay Myers much. The Hilton Head Island native got swept up in the world of reality TV when she became the assistant to Brad Goreski and became a featured player on his Bravo show "It's a Brad, Brad World." The season finale is 10 p.m. Monday.

Myers got the job not really knowing the show was part of the deal. But filming started as soon as she did. Suddenly, cameras were following her everywhere. She had to navigate the traffic-clogged roads of Los Angeles in a borrowed SUV despite rarely getting behind the wheel during her previous six years in New York City.

Her car-tastrophies quickly became part of the quirky nature of the show: Myers ended up getting lost and being late on her first day. Then, later on in the series, she got confused and stopped her car in the middle of the street while her boss was in tow.

"I was more nervous about driving than the show really," she said with a laugh. "Just being thrown into the mix of it, I didn't have time to get nervous about the (cameras). I didn't have time to second guess. I just jumped right into the fire."

Myers and her family moved from Tennessee to Hilton Head Island when she was 6 years old. After graduating from Hilton Head Island High School in 2001, she went to the College of Charleston. Shortly after getting her degree, she backpacked around Europe. Returning home, the laid-back nature of Hilton Head didn't seem so appealing. She sought to capture once again that energy she found traveling and moved to the only place she thought could match that excitement -- New York City.

Myers first connected with Goreski while she worked as a concierge at a SoHo hotel. Goreski was an assistant to Rachel Zoe, renowned in Hollywood as a fashion stylist for Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Demi Moore, among others. Goreski appeared on her reality show, "The Rachel Zoe Project."

Myers got to know Goreski's partner Gary Janetti, a frequent guest at the hotel. Goreski eventually left Zoe to become a stylist of his own and soon after, started staying more frequently at Myers' hotel, as well. They established a quick friendship.

She'd joke with him about venturing out as a stylist on his own:

You need me in your life, she'd say.

What will you do?, he'd ask.

Well, you can't do it all yourself, she'd reply.

"It started as a joke," she said. "Six weeks later, I was in L.A."

The show was an even bigger surprise.

"I didn't have any idea about the show," she said. "It was all in the works, so he probably couldn't really tell anyone."

Cameras were around from day one of her job.

A petite brunette with a bubbly personality, Myers has an easy-going relationship with her boss, mixing in laughs with the hectic life of a celebrity stylist. They remain professional, but it's the established relationship that not only makes them work well together but also provides plenty of reality show fodder.

"We work well together because we knew each other going in," she said. "Our relationship continues to grow."

Having cameras around took some time to get used to, especially in situations when she has to take them along on one of her nerve-wracking car rides. They're around constantly while filming the season, but eventually they fade to the background.

"You sort of forget they're there," she said. "It's completely real. You say whatever you say and do what you normally do."

She comes back to Hilton Head to visit friends and family occasionally, never missing a Heritage golf tournament and most recently coming for the holidays. She's not at the point where people are recognizing her on the streets of her hometown. Not that she's looking for that type of fame.

"Los Angeles is the most opposite lifestyle from Hilton Head," she said. "I love Hilton Head. When I was growing up, it was like, 'Oh, what do we do now? We're bored.' Now it's like a sanctuary."

They took a break filming while the cast promoted the first season.

In the meantime, Lindsay got a car of her own, a Toyota Prius. The L.A. freeway isn't quite as intimidating.

"Yes, I was a bad driver," she said, only half-joking. "I'm the best ever now."

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