Rites of passage are simple to attain in the Lowcountry

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 11, 2012 

There are very few instances where one is not granted a rite of passage these days. A few letters behind your name, a parchment on the wall, a social position or elite club membership, a degree of status available for a price. Those rites of passage had to be earned and in the manner appropriate for the position.

However, in the Lowcountry, to earn your rite of passage there are no dues, you are granted acceptance by others who have passed before you.

Membership is gained if you have personally accomplished any of the following:

  • Gotten stuck in pluff mud while wading, collecting oysters or retrieving something of questionable value.

  • Nicked, cut, scratched, pierced, impaled or otherwise punctured your palm with an oyster knife while cleaning, prying or shucking oysters.

  • Lost an anchor, a dog, a fishing lure, a shotgun, a rifle, a rod, reel, boat, ski or surfboard or any combination thereof.

  • Been stuck on a sandbar, ramp, dock or at an in-laws while waiting to fish, hunt or otherwise collect items of reasonable distraction in order to separate yourself from the crowd.

  • Caused a disturbance at a wedding, funeral, or social gathering by claiming in slightly exaggerated proportions any size, weight, distance, or average, or having made references to any sport or object connected with it at an inappropriate time.

  • Made contact with a foreign matter while in the outdoors that could not be identified .

  • Slept beside a wet dog, fell out of a boat, fished or hunted with your mother-in-law, fed a dolphin, seagull or raccoon.

  • Given the notion that you would wash or clean the cabin, tent, trailer, boat, garage, or dishes before dazzling friends and/or relatives with your latest gadget, feat of dexterity or home movie.

  • Have either paid, subsidized, loaned, qualified or countersigned an agreement related to an outdoor sport.

  • Improved your relationship with those who question your sanity due to your attraction to the outdoors -- be it your boss, immediate family member or insurance agent.

  • There are others which could be added. Members do not use surnames, but nicknames and monikers are accepted. You are welcome to join. To do so, simply contact your official representative, easily recognized by the contented look on their face. Then and only then can you claim your Lowcountry rite of passage.

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