Woods Memorial Bridge driver appreciative of 'hero'

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 23, 2012 

Friday the 13th was a bit unlucky if you were on the Woods Memorial Bridge at around 4 p.m. or so. But if you were there and paying attention, you might have been a bit inspired.

Traffic stopped and the bridge opened and closed with no complications, except that a truck was stalled in the lane going into Beaufort from Lady's Island. The truck was one of the first in line, so a bunch of people ready to start their weekend were stuck.

At one point a young man ran back and forth down the line of cars several times. On one trip he had a heavy chain draped over his shoulder but somehow or other, still managed to find the energy to sprint. I got tired just watching him. Many people in line didn't notice this. Most didn't realize that they were depending on this young man to get the line moving quickly.

But the young man with an internal sense of duty knew. He continued a flurry of activity, and soon had the stalled pickup hooked by chain to his truck, began towing, and traffic was moving once again. Farther down the road, I passed this hero as he pulled his load, and gave him a thumbs-up that I am not sure he saw. To the young man in the red Ford Ranger pickup: Thank you.

Roger Roberg

Lady's Island

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