SEA FOAM: Zeke Wilson stands up for what he believes in 'The Eighth Round'

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 23, 2012 

Thanks to Frogmore native Zeke Wilson for sending the latest chapter on his life.

His production company writes:

A few years ago, one man found from first-hand experience that common people can stand up for their constitutional rights -- and win. Although he spent his whole life in pursuit of his boxing career, Zeke Wilson quickly found that his biggest fight would happen outside the ring. When faced with a problem that had no legal precedent, he dug in his heels. Armed only with an unquenchable willpower and unwavering persistence, he made a decision to see the struggle through.

Wilson documented his journey in his book, "The Eighth Round," which is available online at, and through bookstores.

Production now is under way on a movie that will bring his story to theaters to help encourage other citizens to do the same.

Through a partnership with Wilson & Wilson, production of "The Eighth Round" is being spearheaded by Group 1217, a film production company that plans to begin filming late this spring and have the film finished and ready for movie theaters late this year.

Annette VerHoeven of the production company said: " 'The Eighth Round' is a story about one man's struggle, triumph, determination and perseverance. Zeke Wilson is a man who has changed the way the boxing world operates for the better. We are excited to capture these true-life events of an unsung American hero."

Jesse Kozel of the production company said: "Zeke Wilson's passion for life and determination for justice is something that many people will find inspiring. 'The Eighth Round' is a gripping story that begs to be told. We are thrilled to be involved in the project."

The production company can be reached at info@theeighthround.

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