Save battle cruiser Olympia for Beaufort

info@islandpacket.comDecember 16, 2011 

Pete Richards and the South Carolina Olympia Committee have embarked on a remarkable project with significance not only for the nation but also for our hometown of Beaufort. You just don't get a second chance to preserve history in this manner with such an incredible artifact as the USS Olympia -- Adm. George Dewey's flagship.

Admittedly, this is a big project in terms of Beaufort, and chances of raising the needed money from local coffers is remote. But -- and this is a big but -- there are major players on the national scene, along with a significant slice of American history at risk, and things could develop.

By encouraging Pete Richards and his committee, we remain in the game to be the proud custodians of this important piece of history. A little bit of support from our community could have a big payoff.

This is a unique and inspiring artifact of the Spanish American War, which relates directly to Port Royal and Beaufort. We might ask ourselves: Will the nation turn its back?

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George Johnston

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