Jingles for the holiday season

info@islandpacket.comDecember 12, 2011 

Members of the Sunscribers writers club devoted some time to thinking up original holiday answering machine messages, but it's unknown if this is what you'll hear if you call them. Here are some examples of their wit:

Christmas time is here by golly And your phone call made us jolly So tell us now we do beseech you What we need to do to reach you. Don Becker

Christmas shopping is lots of fun Don't know what time I'll be done When I'll be home I cannot tell So why not call me on my cell. Mary Dempsey

Ho, ho, ho We are on the go At the tone leave a message tho' Back with you in an hour or so. Al Foy

Dashing through the snow sounds like a fun way to go. But we ain't got no sleigh and we ain't got no snow. The important part is we're not here so leave your message loud and clear. We'll call you back as soon as we have time. Margrit Maloney

Hello..hello...hello No one is here to take your call. Try again tomorrow. We're shopping at the mall. Jackie Moffett

Will have to call you back--having trouble getting into my elf suit. Lynn Sheppard

Are y'all Dasher or Dancer? Are y'all Vixen or Prancer? Are y'all Comet or Cupid? Hey, I'm not THAT stupid! Lori and Dan Zlatkin

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