Even down here outdoorsmen must heed hypothermia

rodcrafter@islc.netDecember 3, 2011 

Hypothermia is a serious threat during cold winter months. As a survivor of hypothermia, I can attest to its symptoms.

An early-morning duck hunt with a new lab pup forced me to retrieve a downed bird. At first, slipping into the icy waters appeared to be a good idea, but it soon became more of a battle for survival.

Luckily, I was hunting on a friend's property, and a warm fire and change of clothes brought me back to the living.

Early hypothermia presents itself as uncontrolled shivering, mental sluggishness, and uncoordinated, stiff, body movements, as well as slurred speech. As it progresses into severe stages, shivering may stop, muscle rigidity begins, breathing, pulse and blood pressure slow and a comatose state soon follows.

Know the signs and preventative measures for hypothermia. It could save your life or the life of another.


The saltwater state record for African Pompano has been broken by Hilton Head Island angler Courtland T. Babcock III. The 44-pound, 3-ounce fish was caught at the "Deli" on Nov. 13.

Aboard his vessel "Stoner" with several friends, Babcock left Moss Creek Marina early that Sunday morning, and the group had already had a successful morning of fishing before the biggest catch. The record-breaking fish was hooked early afternoon and was brought onboard after a 15-minute fight.

The following day, John McKinlay at Hudson Seafood weighed the fish and DNR biologist Al Stokes certified the catch, which was verified by state record marine game fish program coordinator Amy Dukes.

The previous record was held by Bryan Powell of Mount Pleasant for a 43-8 fish caught in June 2008.


The Beaufort Sport Fishing and Diving Club's next meeting will be Dec. 8 at the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club. The social starts at 6:30, with the meeting to follow at 7 p.m. The guest speaker will be Dr. Glen Ulrich. His topic will be the Port Royal Sound Foundation's two-year study on adult red drum, originally initiated in 2007 by a grant from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. His presentation will include photography, tackle, techniques and bait.

Call 843-522-2020 for information.


Fripp Island Marina hosted the 14th annual Thanksgiving Kids Fishing Tournament on Nov. 26. More than 180 children, ages 4 to 15, participated in the event. Everyone received prizes, and the winners received trophies as well as rods and reels.


Red Drum -- 1. David DiBetto, 2.05 pounds; 2. Cliff Spann, 2.0 lbs; 3. Jacob Barnard, 1.0 lbs

Largest Trout/Sheepshead -- 1. Hunter McMillian, 1.75 lbs; 2. Will Bootle, 1.05 lbs; 3. Josh Kapilott, 0.9 lbs

Flounder -- 1. Core Peters, 1.5 lbs; 2. Kathy Wokina; 3. Timmy Gapidin

Black Drum -- 1. Candris Myer, 4.95 lbs; 2. Will Jones, 0.75 lbs; 3. Mitch Neal, 6.5 lbs

Croaker -- 1. Kevin Mackey, 1.6 lbs; 2. Cole Mackey, 1.25 lbs; 3. Trey Lynch, 1.2 lbs


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