Man accused of passing counterfeit money in Beaufort bar

info@islandpacket.comNovember 22, 2011 

A man was caught passing fake $50 bills in a Beaufort bar, and city police are trying to find out whether other counterfeit bills have been spent in the area.

Brandon Rasheed Manigo of Walterboro faces two charges of forgery and one of providing false identification to police.

A bartender at Wings-n-Things on Burton Hill Road became suspicious Saturday night after a man paid with two $50 bills, one after another, according to Beaufort Police. After scrutinizing the money, the employee called authorities.

Manigo tried to leave when police arrived, which led to the search and impounding of his vehicle. Police said they discovered $250 in additional counterfeit bills and two handguns with serial numbers filed off. Manigo also provided a false name, police said.

The counterfeit bills do not have a watermark or security strip and do not react when marked with a counterfeit detector pen.

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