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Name: Flux

Members: John Cranford and Joe Vicars

Time together: Eight months

Style: A blend of techno, auto-tuned hip-hop dance music with a didgeridoo thrown in for good measure.

Life in music: Cranford and Vicars both come from musical backgrounds, meeting shortly after Cranford came to Hilton Head Island two years ago. The idea for Flux came about when Vicars spent time in Europe last off-season. The guitarist planned to perform in clubs or restaurants for money but was finding difficulty booking gigs. Turns out, techno music so dominated the scene it left room for little else. He took to the street, playing guitar and didgeridoo, an instrument he'd been perfecting for years. A man approached him and asked if he'd play didgeridoo in a club but do it over techno beats.

Vicars returned to Hilton Head and talked about his experiences with Cranford, who'd been interested in experimenting with electronic music. Flux is a mix of pre-recorded and live music. Vicars plays didgeridoo and Cranford sings auto-tuned melodies over dance beats. The beats are pre-recorded but can be swapped depending on the feel of the show. The duo then adds layers with keyboards or other sounds. There are no song breaks; music flows constantly, often improvised with Vicars and Cranford playing off each other's beats.

Next gig: Swampfire Showdown on Saturday at Remy's on Hilton Head. The evening concert consists of seven bands ending with Flux. Admission is $5 or free with donation of five canned goods that go to The Deep Well Project.

WHEN: 7 p.m.-2 a.m. Nov. 19 WHERE: Remy's, 130 Arrow Road, Hilton Head Island MUSIC BY: Billy Blair, Alan Stockard, The Solley Sisters, General Oglethorpe and The Panhandlers, The South Beach Orchestra, Flux COST: $5 or free with five canned food items. Proceeds go to The Deep Well Project. Each attendee will receive a free Swampfire Sampler CD. DETAILS:

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