Auspicious date, 11/11/11, sends some to the altar and others to the history books

astice@islandpacket.comNovember 10, 2011 

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Ever hear that when the clock reads 11:11, you're supposed to make a wish?

Stacee Hampson has been doing it all her life.

And the repeating digits are about to get luckier for her, when she marries fiancè Steven Longenecker at Palmetto Dunes today.

"We're silly superstitious like that," Hampson said, who met the love of her life while studying at Purdue University. The couple now lives in Washington, D.C.

Today's repetition of No. 11 happens just once a century.

That means more people could be getting hitched, buying lottery tickets or -- if they're expecting and having Caeserean sections -- scheduling their deliveries for today.

Rachel Norway, a psychic reader based in Savannah, said it's an auspicious day for couples to marry or for the seriously superstitious to make life changes.

Many of her clients share Hampson's predilection for making wishes when they catch the clock telling time in all ones, Norway said.

Falling on Veterans Day -- and payday for many -- will only add to the luck, the seer said.

"This year, it's very likely Veterans Day will also be remembered, celebrated and observed more than usual," she said.

Lovers of math also have reason to celebrate. Today is only one of 12 days in a century made up exclusively of numbers from the binary code, the language of computers.

Hilton Head Island High School teacher Chris Gray said her students celebrated a number of days made up of ones and zeros this year -- in January and October and on Nov. 1 and 10.

After today, there won't be another "binary day" for 90 years, Gray said.

The last time 11/11/11 occurred also had historical significance. On Nov. 11, 1911, a dramatic cold snap called the Great Blue Norther hit the central United States. It was the only day many cities in the Midwest broke record high and low temperatures on the same day.

Luckily, the forecast is 60 degrees and cloud-free for Hampson and Longenecker's sunset wedding.

"We wanted it to be something special," the bride said. "And I wanted it to be on a date he's never, ever allowed to forget."

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