Pirates storm ashore in Port Royal

pdonohue@beaufortgazette.comOctober 15, 2011 

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  • Best Seafood:

    Moondoggies, Crab Cake Sliders

    Best Pirate Food:

    Bricks on Boundary, Big Chicken Mau Mou

    Best Land Lubber Options (3 Categories):

    BBQ: Island Meat Market Pulled Pork

    Dogs/Sausage: Rayz Polish Sausage

    Dumplings: Dragon Express Asian Style

    Best Sweet Wench (Tied for the #1 spot):

    Ice Cream: Berry Island's Duo Scoop of Italian Caramel Orea and Pince of Tides.

    Cupcakes : Cori's Mkt/Cuppitycakes Chocolate Rum Ball and Cherry Lemonade

    Source: Old Town Association

The theme of this year's Festival of the Sea in Port Royal may not have been apparent to some festivalgoers Saturday as they walked down Paris Avenue towards Town Hall -- until the makeshift pirate ship came into view.

Parked in the middle of the street, children wearing eyepatches and with plastic swords tucked into the waistbands stopped to pose for pictures in front of the "Port Royal Pearl," a golf cart adorned with large wooden planks, outfitted with a mast and made to look like a pirate ship.

The ship was the centerpiece of this year's festival, which was given a "Pirates of Port Royal" theme by the Old Town Association. The organization hosts the event each year.

Hundreds of people attended the one-day festival, many decked out in pirate garb and getting into the swashbuckling spirit of the free event where local restaurants served several specialty beers and sold samples of some of their best dishes.

Joe Marzzio of Beaufort strolled down the street in calf-high black boots, a black vest and a scarf wrapped around his head, and said he was happy he wasn't the only one dressed as a pirate.

"You're always a little worried at themed events like this," Marzzio said. "You're worried that you're going to show up and everyone is going to look at you like a weirdo or something but there are so many people dressed as pirates here. If anything, I'd say I'm underdressed."

Nearby, event vendors served food and drinks in pirate-themed apparel and some attendees even got their pets in on the act.

Barbara Jones of Lady's Island crafted a felt peg leg to wrap around the right hind leg of her golden retriever, Molly, who was also red-and-white striped scarf around her neck.

"This is going to be Molly's Halloween costume as well," Jones said. "This is just such a fun event this year. So close to Halloween so everyone can come out and kind of let loose. It's like a pre-Halloween party for northern Beaufort County."

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