A new favorite show, and a list of must-have items

August 22, 2011 

  • Seed and puree 4 to 5 cups of watermelon chunks


The new hit program "Million Dollar Decorators" on Bravo is my favorite show on television. Unfortunately for me, it does not come on often enough.

Blufftonian Nancy Jones -- "Fancy Nancy," as she is affectionately called by her friends -- has landed a plum job. Nancy is the Georgia-territory representative for F. Schumacher Fabrics. To get the job was a real coup, and what a fun and interesting time our intrepid bon vivant is having.

Nancy recently got to meet Martin Lawrence Bullard, one of the stars of the Bravo series. Mr. Bullard is considered to be one of the best designers in the world, and if you have seen photographs of his work you will see why. Architectural Digest showcased one of his commissions, Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne's home, in the June issue.

All of this hooplah has not gone to Miss Nancy's head, though, because she is too busy setting records for her company's fabric and wallpaper. I wonder if Scarlett of the "gone with the you know what fame," made her dress out of fabric by Schumacher. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants? After all, the company has been around forever.

  • French Vogue has issued its must-have list for fashionistas. There are 10 items the magazine deems one must have in her wardrobe. You probably have most of them -- just take a moment and peek in your closet.

  • "Les Escarpins Noir." What a grand name for black high heels, of course they must be the 6-inch variety and look very sexy with your LBD. (That is not some sort of drug -- LBD stands for "little black dress.") Then we should have a beige trench coat -- don't button it when wearing -- a black tuxedo jacket, black trousers, ballet slippers, a black tank top ...

    I am sure you see where all of this is going. If your clothing is mostly black, you will be able to wear it forever. Oh, I forgot! You really need a good gray cashmere sweater and a beautifully fitted white shirt.

    Outfitted with these necessities we can take on the world. The only trouble with this is there is always a more beautiful LBD, shirt, shoes or sweater. So for all of us who love to shop, there will always be hope for just one more little thing to hang in our closet -- perhaps that ravishing cayenne-hued skirt calling to me at Calhoun Station.

  • Do you like to play bridge? Would you like to do so in a beautiful environment? SNAC, the Spay/Neuter Alliance & Clinic in Ridgeland, is hosting a Bridge and Luncheon Fete from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 12 at Oldfield Plantation.

  • Proceeds from the party will go toward the organization's affordable spay/neuter program, which helps with the overpopulation of cats and dogs. This group of very dedicated people provides a great service to the community. Tickets are $25 each and include bridge and a delicious lunch. Oldfield Plantation is in a very lovely spot, and what a fun way to help animals. Details: 843-645-2422, 843-379-7979 or 843-379- 8800

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