Packet Sea Foam: Let this heroic dog into your life

August 22, 2011 

Thanks to Elise Ayers of Hilton Head Island for sharing the story of a giving dog that itself needs a gift. Elise writes:

It's probably not unusual, if you work in an office, to find the coffee pot left on or the copier still running when you arrive at the office in the morning. Likewise, it is not entirely unusual, if you work in animal welfare, to arrive at the office to find a box of kittens at the front door or a dog tied to the front gate in the early hours of the morning.

Such was the case three years ago when Brooke Fisher opened up her kennel and found a 6-month-old puppy shivering in the corner of her doggie pool area. Apparently a nearby resident thought it a good idea to throw his or her unwanted puppy over the fence in the dark hours of the night, assuming that Brooke would take it in and find it a good home.

Three years later, Brooke continues to provide love and care for Miss Layla, but she has been unsuccessful in finding this young lady her forever home.

In the meantime, Layla has recently provided lifesaving services to another canine in need.

Unbeknownst to many, there is often a need for life-saving blood transfusions in the canine community. Unfortunately, there are very few canine blood banks in existence for such veterinary emergencies.

Donors are typically required to be relatively happy and easy to manage and be able to remain still for the procedure. Layla, with her kind and gentle spirit fit the bill perfectly and was called into service two weeks ago when a local family's cherished four-legged member required such a lifesaving transfusion.

Hours later, Layla was back in her kennel savoring her dinner -- but still waiting patiently for a home to call her own. Layla will never know what her heroic efforts meant to that grateful family, but she is ready, willing and able to let a caring and compassionate family know what their love would mean to her.

Brooke's Haven is often a last resort for a variety of animals in need of time and assistance. Residents include canines, felines, pigs, rabbits and birds. Most of her charges were spared in the nick of time and are waiting patiently for a human, or humans, to share their lives with. Please stop by at 25 Buck Island Road or contact Brooke at 843-757-7387 to meet Layla or her fellow foundlings, and find that cherished soul that is missing in your life.

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