Former Blufftonian always up for adventure

August 15, 2011 

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Holly Montford, a charming former Blufftonian, was in town last week and stopped by for a visit.

She and her family built the house in May River Plantation that the Mendenhalls now own. Holly has an interesting life and is always doing things that are very exciting.

Holly's daughter, Catherine Cocke, and her family settled in Atlanta, where Catherine is a rising star in the design field. When Catherine was pregnant with her third child, HGTV filmed the family's 18-month renovation of their 1950s house. The episode was titled, "Going Big in Georgia," and it highlighted all of the pratfalls that the Cocke family encountered. Holly was in Atlanta quite a bit during all the melee and has hilarious tales to tell.

Catherine has a very unique style of decorating -- very polished and contemporary. She comes by her style naturally, thanks to a wonderful teacher and mother who is toujours on the prowl for just one more great adventure.

Speaking of, Holly, ever the wanderer, is off to France for two weeks to attend a wedding in Normandy. She will take a side trip to Brittany and then spend a week in Paris.

  • The other night while the storm was raging outside, I went on a cruise. Actually, I picked up a brochure I got in the mail and got lost for a while on the French Riviera, and in Spain and Italy. If you have the itch, Oceania Cruises is offering the 2012 European Collection for, it seems to me, a great price. The brochure lists too many marvelous tidbits to go into now but everything looked wonderful to little ole me. The offers expire Aug. 31, so you better hurry. These trips are the kind to take to celebrate a really swell event, like maybe your mother-in-law not coming for a visit this year or your getting a job kind of thing.

  • Anyway it is fun to dream, which is, of course, free. Call Oceania Cruises at 800-531-5658, go to or call your favorite travel agent.

  • One more little snippet of information for you: If you would like to order some of those divine heirloom tomatoes, call me. I have a friend who has a connection to organically grown tomatoes in North Carolina. These orbs of delight are fading fast, believe it or not, as is the growing season. So if you would like just one more BLT this summer with a "real" T, this is your chance. You could even can some so your pizzas and spaghetti will taste sublime this winter.

  • Call me at 843-757-3855.

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