Odd couple prove that silence isn't always golden

August 2, 2011 

  • 1/2 stick sweet butter

    3 cups half & half

    2 cups milk

    1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce, or cayenne pepper to taste

    2 garlic cloves mash to paste

    2 cups grits

    1 10-ounce package Seriously Sharp White Cheddar from Cabot, shredded

    In a large heavy saucepan make grits using both milks. When cooked, add butter, Tabasco sauce, garlic and shredded cheese. Stir well. Serve for breakfast or with grilled fish or shrimp. Makes 9 cups.

'The Case of the Sitting Duck." No, this is not the title of a Nancy Drew mystery. I was thinking about some of the crazy things I have experienced in my life at The Store over the years.

One such wacky episode happened a year or so ago. It was a rather cold day, and I was trying to warm myself by the heater when two gentlemen walked in. I spoke to them and moved out of the way, so they, too, could sidle up to the heat. After a few minutes of mindless banter, I noticed one of the men was not looking at me or making any response. Without looking at anything else, he walked over to where I have my books displayed, carefully selected one and then sat down in one of my chairs. I thought nothing of that. Twenty or so very long minutes passed, and I was tiring of the mindless banter coming from the talking head, with nothing but silence from the reader in the chair. "Well," I said, "it seems your friend likes the book very much. Perhaps you should buy it for him to read at home." The loquacious visitor lamented that his "cousin" was deaf and took great pleasure in reading

"Well," I replied, "what about the public library?" His answer was they were visiting from California and just passing through Bluffton. They saw my store and decided to stop. Thinking quickly, I told him I was closing for an hour or so, I was sorry but they would have to leave.

Looking at me as though I had mortally wounded him, he walked over to the silent one and asked him if he wanted the book, to which the man replied, "Yes."

"Your 'cousin' can read lips pretty well without even looking at you," I said.

They paid for the book with nary a peep and left in a huff.

I was exhausted and flabbergasted after they left.

  • Do you love those advertisements for perfumes and makeup in magazines? All of the women look absolutely gorgeous, nary a hair out of place or a drop of dew on their brow. And the locations for these advertisements are usually breathtaking, even when the bed is mussed or dogs are romping all over the place. Everybody looks fabulous in their bathing suits -- no muffin tops or stretch marks.

  • If you want to see how the real world lives come to the farmers market on Thursdays or to the sandbar on a low tide day, June's or Jeff's, the "Pig," or Calhoun Street at 7 p.m. There you'll find the real "cream of the crop."

    You'll see what has been missed in those glossy spreads. "Real life" and the good old Bluffton state of mind!

  • I have known Kitty Carling for more than 10 years. I first met her when she came by and asked if she could rent part of my store for a flower shop. I thought that was a great idea, so Kitty became part of Bluffton for a while.

  • Flowers were and still do hold a very special place in her heart. Kitty has taken many flower-arranging lessons all over the U.S. and in England. She has done flowers at Callawassie Island Club, Spring Island and Chechessee Creek Club, not to mention countless weddings. Kitty is now offering her wonderful flower-arranging classes at Rose Dhu Nursery, starting Sept. 6. You will have a wonderful time and learn all you need to know from this very talented lady. Rose Dhu Nursery is tucked away on Highway 46 right across from Bluffton Pharmacy, look for Kitty's banner on the fence. Details: 843-987-0883, kacarling@aol.com

  • Stop by Vineyard 55 at 7 p.m. Thursday and meet Jeff Fulgham. Jeff has just returned from one of several tours of duty in Afghanistan. If you know him or would like to meet him, this is your chance to say hello and welcome him home. Vineyard 55 is on Calhoun Street in old town Bluffton.

  • Babbie Guscio is the social columnist for The Bluffton Packet. She can be reached at The Store on Calhoun Street.

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