Water Festival Remembered: Barbara Tallentire Stanley

July 15, 2011 

Barbara Tallentire Stanley of Beaufort: For Youth Activities Day/Children's Day 1975, children ran races in Marina Parking Lot, near the amphitheater. Children were grouped by age, and the prizes were silver dollars and construction paper ribbons. The day was great fun, and there weren't any overpowering mobs. It was a great community fun day -- one of my best memories of Water Festival.

This time period included the Commodore's Ball in front of the band in the amphitheater. You could bring your own table, chairs, tablecloth and flower arrangement, along with cooler. This was after the day of the parade, water ski shows and boat races. It was also the day after the beauty pageant in the amphitheater.


The Beaufort Antique Car Club used to participate in the Water Festival Parade in the 1970s. They were led by a 1917 Saxon Roadster driven by then owner Capt. Joshua D. Tallentire, originally restored by Gordon Bowers of Beaufort. It was the first trade-in at Sweat's Car Dealership on Carteret Street.


Folks gathered in boats large and small, from inner tubes to shrimp boats, to enjoy the boat races at the 1983 Water Festival. There was even a sunglasses-wearing dog in an inner tube.


Senator Strom Thurmond rides his horse in the 1991 Water Festival Parade.

Amber Vollmer (Barton), the 1991 Water Festival Talent Show winner, rides in the parade.

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