Island council may delay purchase of heirs property; parties working on relocation plan

June 15, 2011 

Thelma Byas, sits in the partially dismantled dining room of her home, holding a photograph of her great grandfather, Matthew Jones, who originally purchased the land she lives on. A recent sale of the heirs property, located in the Stoney community, to the Town of Hilton Head Island has meant Byas and several of her relatives are being forced to move from the land they have lived on all their lives. "I don't know where I'm going," Byas said. "It's hard, it's really hard."


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About 10 families living on heirs property near Squire Pope Road might be given more time to move off of the land, which soon will be owned by the Town of Hilton Head Island, town officials say.

The town is being asked to delay closing on the property for up to 90 days, according to the officials.

Several families have already left one of three parcels that make up the property in the Stoney community, between William Hilton Parkway, Squire Pope Road and the marshes of Jarvis Creek. Those living across William Hilton Parkway on another parcel are next to move.

On June 8, heirs of the Matthew and Teena Jones property were in the Beaufort County Courthouse asking to locate to a third, adjoining parcel, which has not been sold.

A court-appointed receiver overseeing the sale recommended the delay in hopes of getting approval for a mobile home park on the third parcel, where the family could relocate. Some already live on that section.

Town Council will consider â€" and is expected to approve â€" the request Tuesday to give a company that owns the land more time to complete the deal to relocate family members, said town manager Steve Riley and Mayor Drew Laughlin.

“We are trying to make sure those who have been living on the property all these years can continue living on a portion of the property, but a final say on that will be a judge,â€

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