Thoughts of spring, gardening and gazebos

March 21, 2011 

Once in a while I learn a new word or words, such as "gloriette," which drifted into my vocabulary several weeks ago -- sort of like a spent petal on a daffodil.

Thoughts of spring are popping up all around us now, and gardening magazines have been my mainstay for the past month or so. What would I do without them when it is gray and cold?

In the early 18th century gardening was just coming into vogue. Ornaments of all types were being added to the grounds of many estates, and the rush was on to design something better for each garden. One charming addition to some, was a "gloriette." Imagine a very large metal birdcage plopped down in your garden like nothing you had ever seen. The gloriette had an opening one could enter and leave by. Usually it was made the focal point of a garden. Once covered with vines or roses it made a wonderful secret spot in which to read, dine or entertain. I guess this is what the idea for a gazebo sprouted from.

I have always wanted to put a gazebo at the end of Calhoun Street so on a beautiful afternoon we could sit and look out at the river.

  • My friends Cindy and Happy Finucan spend most of their early Sunday afternoons on a scavenger hunt. They stroll around old town Bluffton picking up trash. They are never at a loss for items to add to their bags. If they ask me to join them, I jump at the chance because I get to visit with them and I love walking. This past Sunday, we only found two garbage bags worth of papers, cups, etc. Some days three or four bags are filled. Once in a blue moon they find clothing and some unmentionable things.

    There must be no enforcement of our litter laws or else there would be a ginormus gaggle of people paying fines at Town Hall. In fact, I have never seen anyone arrested for littering in Bluffton.

    We need garbage cans around town on each corner so then there would be no excuse for the trash on the streets. Please do not throw your garbage on the street, and if you are walking your dog take a doggy bag with you and do the polite thing -- clean up after it.

  • Earth Day is April 22. For a way to save money while also saving our planet, go to For tips on saving energy, go to

    If you do not have much room in your yard for a garden you will be amazed at what you can grow in a container.

    Think green: Emeralds and money are always a good start.

  • Do you have a great idea for the Heritage Poster? The Art League of Hilton Head is holding a competition for area artists. All submissions should feature a connection to the Heritage golf tournament. Vertical paintings are recommended. The winner will be announced at an exhibit and reception April 3. Applications are due by Monday. Details: 843-681-2399

    Babbie Guscio is the social columnist for The Bluffton Packet. She can be reached at The Store on Calhoun Street.

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