Packet Thank You Letters for Feb. 28

February 28, 2011 

For your support

We would like to thank The Bargain Box for its wonderful generosity to our community's nonprofit organizations and to The Sandbox Interactive Children's Museum.

The Bargain Box is a wonderful community-based organization that has been very successful and very generous for many years.

Through the leadership of Karen Edwards and the support of more than 300 volunteers, The Bargain Box has made a profound impact on our town and those in need. We thank them for making it possible for us to provide interactive play and learning opportunities to all of the children and families in the Hilton Head area.

The Bargain Box is supporting our Family Fun Night program, which is free to all of the children and families in our community. Each event includes entertainment, interactive play, crafts, food and free admission to the museum. Family Fun Nights are at 5:30 p.m. so parents, including working parents, can have an opportunity to come and enjoy the activities with their children.

The Bargain Box support helps us touch thousands of lives.

We congratulate Sheila Shkor on her new presidency of The Bargain Box board of directors and wish her a very successful year.

Anne Finn

The Sandbox

Interactive Children's Museum

Hilton Head Island

For helpful grant

As baby boomers are aging, more and more people are being diagnosed with early memory loss. Can you imagine how scary it must be to get this diagnosis, but without the support and resources that you will need?

Memory Matters offers "Brain Boosters" for those who are concerned about changes in their memory. We offer a safe place for them to share their concerns, we offer programming to help strengthen brain functions, and we offer support and resources.

We are extremely grateful to the Church Mouse Thrift Shop for a grant in support of this program.

It is amazing how much good work is done in our community, and the Church Mouse is an outstanding example. On behalf of our clients, we wish to publicly acknowledge all those who shop there, those who work there, and the many people who volunteer their time there in order to raise funds to support charitable organizations like Memory Matters so that we can provide dementia-specific day care programs, early memory loss programs, and support services and education for caregivers.

Edwina Hoyle

executive director

Memory Matters

Hilton Head Island

To local businessmen

We would like to thank John Evans and Eric Stulpin who work at O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln Mercury on U.S. 278. These gentlemen were instrumental in working with us to purchase a used Ford van for TLC Ministries in Beaufort.

After the purchase, it was determined that a trailer hitch was needed, with wiring. Several businesses were consulted and the cost was prohibitive.

John and Eric were contacted, and once again the job was done at a very reasonable rate.

It is important that we not forget the local businesses and how supportive they are within the community, particularly to nonprofit organizations such as TLC Ministries.

Jim Bailey

Steve Kuhlman

TLC Ministries

Hilton Head Island

To Bargain Box

It is a privilege to thank The Bargain Box for its generous support of The Deep Well Project.

Deep Well's partnership with The Bargain Box has been important to us over the years. However, during the past three years, with the downturn in the economy, the generous contributions from Bargain Box have been more important than ever in making it possible for Deep Well to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients. We are deeply grateful for this support.

Traditionally, there are fewer jobs available during the winter months on Hilton Head Island and many employed people find that their hours are cut during this same period. Because of the severe winter this year, many of our clients could not pay their electric and propane bills, and if they did stretch to pay those bills, then another bill went unpaid or they had to cut back on food for the family.

Deep Well was able to help these deserving families because of the support of organizations like Bargain Box.

On behalf of the volunteers, the staff, and the board of directors, thank you once again Bargain Box for your financial support and for the trust you put in Deep Well.

Barbara Clark


Deep Well board of directors

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