5th Dimension Rocks Magnolia Hall

November 5, 2010 

A thousand people waved, clapped and sang at the finales of two 5th Dimension concerts Oct. 3 at Magnolia Hall. The event heralded a new Star Entertainment series launched in Sun City Hilton Head. Both performances sold out.

The internationally known group, with varying participants, has been around since the '60s. When members of the 5th Dimension walked on stage, they kicked off a rockin' evening filled with music, much of the audience remembered well. Some of the group's hits topped the music charts in the U.S. and abroad.

Sun City Executive Director Sue Sweeney introduced the event with the promise that the evening would be awesome. That's just what it was, said several people as they left the performance center at the show's close.

"Maybe a little loud, but definitely awesome," said a long-time resident.

Lead singer Florence LaRue, a grandmother with the looks of a college coed and with the energy of a well-trained dancer, asked the evening audience if they remembered September, 1965. Of course they did. Before long, they found themselves joining with the professional entertainers singing about sunshine to kick off the evening.

"Up, Up and Away," "Last Night I Didn't Get to Sleep" and "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine in" were other pieces in the program.

The show was part of a new series of professional performances to be held in Magnolia Hall. Those in both audiences remember buying their tickets months ahead for this performance. That was last spring when lines formed starting at 6 a.m.

At least a half dozen Sun City residents and a popular staffer were invited up on stage to shake, rattle and roll with the performers. These cameo performances won the admiration of many in the audience.

Sun City executive director Sue Sweeney said more than a year ago that she hoped to bring headline entertainment to Sun City. She helped make this happen in other Del Webb communities where she previously worked.

Lifestyles Director Jackie Bates says this is just the beginning.

Coming up are: the Lettermen Holiday Show, Dec. 14; the Charleston Ballet, January 15, The Platters and The Coasters, April 3 and The Oak Ridge Boys on Dec. 4, 2011.

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