Recreation Results and Standings, Oct. 10

info@islandpacket.comOctober 10, 2010 


Bear Creek

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held Oct. 7; Format: Individual Points; 1. Louise Williams, 2. Judy Matchett; 3. Felicia Pascal, Judy Peters.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of MGA tournament held Oct. 7; FormatL 1-2-3; 1. Dwight Hunting, Tony Andreano, Ed Rainey, Roger Johnson; CTP -- Tom Vater.

Dataw Island

Results of 18-hole Men's day held October 5; 1. Jim Guille, Dave Didier, Bob Pogachnick, Paul Kyne; 2. Chuck Hinners, John Schaefer, Phil Meeker, Chipper Hoff; 3. Matt Longwell, Dave Muehl, Cliff Hubbell, Dick Foley; 4. Don Kemper, Bill Hill, Jim Morrissey, Nils Dahl; CTP -- Chipper Hoff, Bill Weber.

Results of 18-hole Ladies day held October 7; 1. Laura Sherman, Pat Morris, Sheila Sears; 2. Ann Ballantyne, Pam Didier, Linda Muehl, Celeste Nalwasky; CTP -- Carol Baxter; Chip Ins: Laura Sherman, Celeste Nalwasky.

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held October 7; 1. Mary Ann Voegtle, Joan Maus, Peggy Wynne, Susan Dickerson; 2. Janet Gregory, Mary Dickerson, Paula Campbell, Judy Raynor; CTP -- Mary Dickerson, Rebecca McCann; Chip Ins: Dawn Schuster, Susan Dickerson, Joan Schwartz, Judy Raynor.

Fripp Island

Results of WGA event held Oct. 5: Format: Scramble; 1. Jeanie Oliver, Jean Wetzel, Kathryn Woolley; 2. Madeleine Crouse, Sara Dashiell, Diane McGarry, Susan Price; 3. Sandy Buschur, Sam Taylor, Brenda Thibodeau, Linda Young.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association event held October 7; Format: Reverse Bear Creek; 1. John Kneeland, Ben Franklin, Jack Shaffer, Fred Strong; 2. Herman Gaither, Ray Plourde, Joe McNall, Paul Archer; 3. Alan Westcob, John Dansby, John Sheppard, Carl Rehberg; CTP; Ben Franklin, Frank Vasata, John Kneland, Tom Glans.

Palmetto Hall

Results of WGA event held Oct. 5 at the Cupp Course: Format: Gross and Net Day Tournament; Flight 1 -- Gross: Kathy LaBonte; Net: Priscilla Loeben; Flight 2 -- Gross: Patty Zensinger, Amber McElhaney; Net: Bev Banino; Flight 3 -- Gross: Jan Powell; Net: Patty Penwell; CTP -- No. 8 June Somers and Jan Powell, No. 16 June Somers and Cristy Anderson; Chip-Ins -- Kathy LaBonte, Amber McElhaney; Birdie -- June Somers.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day held Oct. 5; Format: 1-2-3; 1. Frank Gagliardi, Tod Powers, Bob Williams, Bob Wright; 2. Pete Noll, Dick Timcoe, Ed Scott; CTP -- Don Hemenway; Low Net -- Tod Powers.

Results of LGA Ladies day held Oct. 6; Format: Fairy Tale Event; 1. Terry Boyer, Shirley DeHond, Julie Gee, Pat Hannin; CTP -- Terry Boyer.


Results of Sun City WGA One Day Away event held Oct. 7; Format: Gross Champion and Net Champion; Gross Champion -- 1. Joan D'Ambrosi, Marcia Handel, Ruth Kimball, Sharan Oehmann; 2. Kendra Ward, Barb Gonsalves, Anna Kelly, Bobbie Callaway; 3. Maureen O'Hara, Lorraine Reichard, Anita Tuney, Caroline Reneau; Net Champion -- 1. Harriett Bender, Darlene Abshier, Nancy Nickell, Barb Montgomery; 2. Pris Jones, Betty McMillion, Bonnie Hawkins; 3. Joan D'Ambrosi, Marcia Handel, Ruth Kimball, Sharan Oehmann.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of event held Oct. 4-5; Format: 2BB of 4; Day 1 -- Bill Zachary, Ron Cecil, Charlie Baltera, Tim Minton; Day 2 -- Dwight Hunting, Michael Gilroy, Jerry Hankins, Don Mikkelson; Overall -- 1. Albert Kinal, David Zander, William Hendrickson, Bill Linkner; 2. Bob Linman, Don Mikkelson, Chuck Price, Frederick Wynne; CTP -- Day 1: John Lesko, Bill Linkner, Russ Reynolds, Bill Linkner; Day 2: Rob Lyons, Rob Lyons, Joseph DiChiara, Colin Ingham.


Friends of Hunting Island 5K

Saturday, at Hunting Island State Park

1. David Jirousek 18:58; 2. William Drake 20:16; 3. Kevin Lane 22:24; 4. Stewart Reitmire 24:33; 5. Barbara Krakehl 25:17; 6. Miguel Lara-Maya 25:49; 7. Rob Marek 26:14; 8. Fran Forcione 26:23; 9. Mike Ackerman 26:45; 10. Jenifer Herman 27:33;

11. Angela Tarabadkar 27:36; 12. Thomas Gore 27:46; 13. Kelly Dean 29:14; 14. Steven Krakehl 29:56; 15. Kenny Ackerman 30:09; 16. Lynne Davis 32:22; 17. Janice Herzer 33:50; 18. Tim Lovett 34:28; 19. Michael Ryan 35:13; 20. Cibi Sripathi 35:39;

21. Mary Leitnaker 37:34; 22. David Maude 41:00; 23. Martha Martin 41:00; 24. William Kelch 42:30; 25. Sivaramon Sripathi 42:45.


Sun City fall standings


Go 2 Guy 8-2

Sigler's 8-2

Elite Therapy 6-4

Jocelyn's Hair Studio 6-4

Mark F. Winn, Attny. 6-4

Hidden Cypress Grille 3-7

Katie O'Donald's 2-8


Door 2 Door Cleaners 9-1

Liberty Bank 6-4

Weichert Realtors 6-4

Outdoor Designs 4-6

Spires Wilder Wealth Mgmt. 3-7

Palmetto Eye Specialist 2-8

British Open Pub 1-9

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