When the race resumes

January 29, 2010 

The recession has put a definite damper on the economies of s and Jasper counties, but what is likely to happen when the economy revs up again? The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette examine that question in a five-part series.


Part I: Thousands of homes and several commercial projects have been on hold during the recession but could get going again quickly when the economy rebounds. Just how many projects are sitting idle and waiting to shift into gear again? And will there be demand for the new construction?


Part II: New construction is expected to resume when the economy turns around. When that happens, do Beaufort and Jasper counties have the infrastructure to support them?


Part III: Environmentalist say there has been an upside to the economic slowdown -- a chance to reevaluate development's affect on our natural resources. Will efforts to preserve the environment be fueled or fizzle when the economy comes around?


Part IV: This recession hit Beaufort County particularly hard, primarily because real estate is one of its primary industries. What can be done to diversify the local economy and blunt the effect of future downturns?


Part V: These plans for economic recovery are all well and good ... but when will the recession here end? Two prominent state economists say we might have hit bottom, but significant growth is probably at least another year away.

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